Car Insurance: How to Compete with Price Comparison Sites on Google

Car Insurance: How to Compete with Price Comparison Sites on Google

With comparison sites dominating car insurance search results, how can smaller brands compete? Find out in this on-demand masterclass.

Marketing in the finance sector is beset with challenges – obstacles such as red tape and compliance, dry subject matter, product complexities and ever-changing regulations.

The car insurance sector has to contend with all of these issues, plus a higher barrier to entry than other industries – price comparison sites with big brands and even bigger ad budgets dominate organic search results.

Having analysed the search performance of nearly 60 car insurance sites across 1,150 top keywords, Receptional has identified the brands that are overcoming these challenges. In this short masterclass, we reveal:

• Which car insurance brands are outperforming comparison sites;
• Why specialist insurance categories offer challenger brands a lifeline; and
• What steps you can take now to improve your search presence.

You can find our full analysis in the accompanying eBook, SEO: Auto Insurance.

Meet the speakers

Dean Rowland

Who's doing well and why?

• Which car insurance firms perform best?
• What the overall winners do well?
• How can the worst performers improve?

Dean Rowland
Director / Head of Business Development, Receptional

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