Empowering Creativity With AI Webinar

Empowering Creativity With AI Webinar

Find out how AI can give your creative team more power, scalability, and productivity for less time and money.

Join Receptional for our exclusive webinar on how AI can empower your creativity!

In our last webinar 'The AI Revolution' we discovered how crucial AI is to our marketing strategy, but now we will be digging into how AI helps us to do more, for less in the creative space.

About the Webinar

Join us for an insightful webinar led by our Senior Graphic Designer, Filipe Goncalves, as he explores the transformative impact of innovation on creative processes, how he integrates AI tools like Midjourney and Chat GPT into his daily work, showcasing examples from his personal projects.

Gain valuable insights into leveraging AI as a powerful tool for increased productivity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the synergy between creativity and AI!

Why Attend?

Gain Exclusive Insights: How AI can give your creative team more power, scalability, and productivity for less time and money.

Learn from Experts: Hear Filipe's point of view after years in Graphic Design.

Interactive Session: Guess which images have been created with Artificial Intelligence.

What You Will Learn

The dangers that come with designing assets using AI: How to get the most out of tools but also what to look out for.

The best AI tools for creative work: Discover how AI tools like Midjourney and Chat GPT revolutionise day-to-day work and enhance projects.

Balancing investment in AI: Find out how marketers are managing investments in AI technology amidst ethical concerns and expert shortages.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for people who are interested in how AI can impact and enhance their creative processes. It's for marketing executives, strategists, digital marketers, and content creators who want to understand how AI is being used in the creative industry.

Join Us in Discovering How AI can Empower Your Creativity

Date: Wednesday 29th May 2024

Time: 1.30pm-2pm

Get your spot now for an inside look at how AI is changing creative marketing with real-life examples. Register today and stay ahead of the curve...

Meet the speakers

Filipe Goncalves

Leading the webinar

Filipe, who heads up our Creative team, will be taking us through the principles we follow here at Receptional to achieve great assets using Ai.

Filipe Goncalves
Graphic Designer, Receptional

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