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Many advertisers ignore Bing. It's a missed opportunity

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Justin Deaville

Managing Director


With 20+ years’ marketing experience, Justin has worked with many of the UK’s leading businesses including AVIVA, MENCAP, Ladbrokes, Freshfields, PWC, and the Foreign Office. Outside work, he loves spending time with his daughter, the theatre, sandy beaches, decent wine, and Manchester United.

Greg Tickner

Head of Business Development


Greg has been involved with marketing for eight years. He was responsible for casino affiliate marketing at Bet365, before moving to Ladbrokes to head up their international affiliate marketing, before joining Receptional. Outside of work, Greg is an avid Chelsea fan and you’ll often find him at a ground following them at home, away and in Europe.

Andreas Tantallidis

Senior Paid Search Consultant


What’s in store for Google Shopping?

  • Why Google Shopping is the key to retail success
  • How to harness ad extensions to improve your campaigns’ performance
  • When to use showcase ads to demonstrate your products

Sabrina Garufi

Agency Development Manager


Sabrina will be talking about:

  • Why most businesses are lagging behind their customers
  • How Google operates in a mobile-only world
  • How machine learning is delivering a smoother user experience

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