Gaming seminar: Grow your online market share in 2020 | Seminar

The online UK gaming market is worth more than £5.5bn a year. It’s a competitive place. 

Receptional’s SEO and PPC teams have extensive experience of successfully promoting gaming clients on Google so why not join us for a FREE afternoon seminar at Google’s London office.

With betting and slots segments growing by more than 19% a year we will be sharing our thoughts on:

  • How to use creative content to drive casino acquisitions
  • How the market is changing, how millennials are searching, and where the growth opportunities lie
  • Google’s insights into the gaming market and the types of behaviour that are driving growth
  • How to adapt your paid search strategy in a rapidly changing market

After the talks, join us for a drink and a chance to discuss your challenges with our industry experts.

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Your speakers will be:

Yiannis Pavlakis Google

Yiannis Pavlakis

Agency Development Manager


Google insights:

  • Why most businesses are lagging behind their customers
  • How Google operates in a mobile-only world
  • How machine learning is delivering a smoother user experience

Matthew Loughlin

Head of Paid Search    (PPC)


What’s new in paid search?

  • The changing landscape for PPC advertisers.
  • The growth opportunities for operators including Search, Display and Video.
  • How to use best practice techniques to compete with the biggest spenders.
jack rose

Jack Rose

Head of Sports and Gaming


Driving casino acquisitions with creative content

  • Why Marginal Gains can revolutionise your search visibility
  • Creative content strategy & promotion
  • Staying agile to maximise your SEO performance
Justin Deaville

Justin Deaville

Managing Director


Focus on Areas for Growth

  • How YouTube targeting has improved, and why you should be using it.
  • How Video is emerging as a valuable tool.
  • How can you be using social media to get ahead of your rivals.

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On Wed. 04/03/2020

1pm – 4pm

At Google’s Tottenham Court Road office

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