On-Page SEO: Keywords, Content and Technical Considerations

On-Page SEO: Keywords, Content and Technical Considerations

Using plain English, this on-demand masterclass takes you through the "need to knows" and quick wins of search engine optimisation.

Over the years, SEO may have gained a reputation for being boring, geeky and overly technical. And rightfully so, it is all those things. Unfortunately, it’s also too big a channel to ignore!

Even if you’re not an SEO practitioner, it’s important to have a vague idea of what good SEO looks like and what really matters, and you don’t have to be an expert in all things technical to understand the core principles of SEO. Most of it is pretty logical. Ultimately, Google just wants online users to have a positive experience and having a website that is “technically sound” is an important part of that. SEO guidelines also evolve and so it’s vital to brush up on the latest best practices.

In this on-demand masterclass, we take you on a tour of our own website auditing processes. Using PLAIN ENGLISH, we outline the “need to knows” and typical quick wins, arming you with the essentials:

• Why SEO isn’t just about search engines - it’s about your customers;
• Practical tips which will enhance user experience; and
• Why Google will thank you and your ranks will benefit.

You can learn more in the accompanying eBook, Brilliant Basics: Mastering On-Page SEO.

Meet the speakers

Simon Loughlin

A tour of technical SEO elements that matter

  • Our in-house website auditing processes
  • The essentials for ranking today
  • Typical quick wins for optimal impact

Simon Loughlin
Business Development Manager, Receptional

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