An Overview of LinkedIn Advertising

An Overview of LinkedIn Advertising

Whether you're already using LinkedIn Advertising or you're interested in the opportunities it poses, this on-demand masterclass can help your campaigns.

If you aren’t investing in this channel, you’ll learn about the opportunities it offers and which kinds of businesses are the best fit. You'll discover which campaign and ad types we recommend, how to allocate your budget and more.

If you are already advertising on LinkedIn, there'll be plenty of actionable tips to support your campaigns too. A common objection to LinkedIn Ads are high costs, so we’ll also be sharing some advice on navigating this challenge.

You'll leave with a framework for creating or improving your own campaigns. And you can learn more in the accompanying eBook, Brilliant Basics: An Introduction to LinkedIn Advertising.

Meet the speakers

Simon Loughlin

Investing in LinkedIn

  • How to reach your target audience
  • Creative best practices
  • What makes a successful offer
  • Common pitfalls to avoid

Simon Loughlin
Business Development Manager, Receptional

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