The Paid Media Playbook for Finance Marketers

In-person workshop, St Pancras Meeting Rooms

Magazine and print advertising spend dropped 30% and 46% over the last year, while digital spend rose 13%. What’s more, research from Analytics Partners showed that campaigns spanning two or more channels were up to 35% more effective than their single-channel counterparts.

So how you do you embrace multi-channel digital advertising as a finance brand? And with so many other brands clamouring for eyeballs online, how do you develop stand-out ideas to reach, engage and convert potential customers?

This hands-on workshop will show you how, with Receptional’s team of paid search, social and creative experts discussing both overarching strategy and individual tactics for each channel.

You’ll leave with 12 actionable strategies for the top 4 paid media channels, including why you need a multi-channel ad strategy and how to:

  • Use the right channel, message and creative at the right stage of the marketing funnel
  • Assign budget to targeting and remarketing campaigns, to reach both B2B and B2C buyers
  • Create campaigns spanning Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Search, Display and Video.

This afternoon workshop will be followed by drinks and networking with other financial marketers at St Pancras Meeting Rooms’ roof-top bar.

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Event Breakdown

The challenges facing finance marketers

  • Complex user journeys
  • Increasing ad costs
  • Privacy, privacy, privacy
Justin Deaville

Justin Deaville

Managing Director, Receptional

Google Ads: how to run best-in-class campaigns

  • Targeting Search, Display and Video ads for finance
  • Unique approaches that will make your campaigns best-in-class
  • Our top takeaways and actionable insights 
Matt Loughlin

Matt Loughlin

Head of Paid Search, Receptional

The complete guide to audience targeting with LinkedIn ads

  • Why LinkedIn works for finance marketers
  • Audience mapping and segmentation
  • How LinkedIn can inform and support other channels 
Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Head of Paid Social, Receptional

How to get the most out of Facebook ads in 2021

  • How Facebook ads have evolved for 2021
  • Leveraging Facebook ads across the marketing funnel
  • Advanced tools and tips to help your campaigns succeed
Callum Riches

Callum Riches

Senior Paid Search & Social Consultant, Receptional

Why creative must be brave and meaningful

  • Brave thinking to weave brands into everyday human interaction
  • How finance brands can stand out from the clutter
  • Inspiring people to interact in a meaningful and positive way
Robin Smith

Robin Smith

Creative Director, Receptional

Come and join us!


22nd Sep 2021, 1pm - 6pm


In-person workshop, St Pancras Meeting Rooms

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