SEO Masterclass: How to Build Links in challenging niches

Online Masterclass, live from our offices

Last year, Receptional embarked on a deep dive into the finance industry’s on-page SEO performance.

We discovered that many of the top brands were not getting it right, leaving an opening for brands to outplay the big names in the industry using simple SEO techniques.

The next step is building links. If you have tried link building in any difficult niche (such as finance), you’ll know that it’s near impossible to do it effectively due to:

• Red tape and compliance: getting sign-off on your activity is challenging, often missing the window for the content to be relevant.

• Highly specialised content: it takes twice as long for us to research and produce content that holds water.

• Scalability: your biggest competitors seem to attract more natural links than you could ever humanly build, how can you keep up?

Don’t fret. This webinar will delve into the techniques we use to build and retain SEO authority when traditional article-based link building isn’t an option.

These techniques rely more on understanding how to tell a good link from a bad one, and what happens to links over time that causes them to lose value. This will make you more efficient and opportunistic at building high quality links.

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Event Breakdown

The Challenge of Link Building

  • How to target websites that are likely to link to you
  • The importance of having the cleanest backlink profile
  • Fixing broken links through link reclamation
  • Leveraging PR & unlinked mentions
  • Create customer-driven content strategies
Dave Clough

Dave Clough

Head of Content Strategy, Receptional

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14th Apr 2021, 10am - 10:45am


Online Masterclass, live from our offices

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