SEO SOS: What to Do When Your Search Traffic Drops

Online masterclass, live from our offices

It’s Monday morning. You get a call from your CEO. They’ve looked at your analytics account and they want to know why traffic has crashed this month. You stall successfully, but you need to hold your own in the marketing meeting this morning. What do you do?

Many sectors are being shaken up by Google as it releases small updates to its ranking algorithm at least every few months. With load speed, user experience, and diversity in the results becoming more crucial, your landing pages are likely to see more fluctuations in traffic (good and bad ones) as the SERPs develop and adapt.

We’ll talk you through a scenario where your traffic has dropped seemingly out of the blue, discussing how you can identify and fix the causes. We’ll also answer the question: “Should I be worried about my SEO?”

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Event Breakdown

Investigating a mystery drop in traffic

  • 5 clues you need to solve the case
  • 5 key research tools and resources
  • 5 steps for a speedy recovery
Justin Deaville

Justin Deaville

Managing Director, Receptional

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6th Oct 2021, 10am - 11am


Online masterclass, live from our offices

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