Sportsbook. Who’s performing best on Google?

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Every brand wants to appear at the top of Google’s results. But competition is fierce.

Nowhere more so than in the sportsbook arena. So many operators - all fighting for top spot.

Which is why it’s important to understand what the competition are doing.

The Gaming team at Receptional have benchmarked the SEO performance of the UK’s top sportsbook operators. We’ve focussed on two key markets:

  • Football betting
  • Horse-racing betting

We've analysed the search terms used throughout the funnel in both niches and which brands are ranking well.

Watch the webinar now to discover who the winners and losers are - and how you can compete.

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Event Breakdown

Who's doing well?

• Who’s ranking for keywords in the marketing funnel
• Who’s performing well over all in both topics
• Rankings for keywords related to Euro 2021

Jack Weight

Jack Weight

Outreach Executive , Receptional

How to compete successfully

Outlining our 3 pillars of SEO:

• Search Optimisation
• Links from High Authority Domains
• Content Quality and Depth

Claire Philbin

Claire Philbin

Head of Outreach, Receptional

Come and join us!


7th Jul 2021, 10am - 10:45am


Online masterclass - watch on demand

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