Sportsbook: Who’s Performing Best on Google?

Sportsbook: Who’s Performing Best on Google?

Receptional has benchmarked the SEO performance of the UK’s top sportsbook operators. Discover the winners and losers in this on-demand masterclass.

Every brand wants to appear at the top of Google’s results. But competition is fierce. Nowhere more so than in the sportsbook arena. So many operators - all fighting for top spot. Which is why it’s important to understand what the competition are doing.

The Sports & Gaming team at Receptional have benchmarked the SEO performance of the UK’s top sportsbook operators. We’ve focussed on two key markets:

  • Football betting; and
  • Horse-racing betting.

We've analysed the search terms used throughout the funnel in both niches and which brands are ranking well.

In this on-demand masterclass, you'll discover who the winners and losers are - and how you can compete.

You can learn more in the accompanying eBook, Which Sportsbook Brands Are Performing Best on Google?

Meet the speakers

Jack Weight

Who's doing well?

• Who’s ranking for keywords in the marketing funnel
• Who’s performing well over all in both topics
• Rankings for keywords related to Euro 2021

Jack Weight
Operations Project Manager, Receptional

Claire Philbin

How to compete successfully

Our 3 pillars of for success:

• Search engine optimisation
• Links from high-authority domains
• Content quality and depth

Claire Philbin
Head of Outreach, Receptional

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