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Which Automotive Insurance Firms are Performing Best on Google?

17th Mar 2021, 10am - 10:45am
Online Masterclass, live from our offices

Having worked with numerous sectors, we recognise that each presents its own unique challenges and nuances. We are sure this insight comes as no surprise, however, it is particularly true of finance and its many sub-sectors.

From a marketing point of view, the finance niche has to overcome obstacles such red tape and compliance, dry subject matters, complexities and changing rules.

Automotive Insurance has to contend with all of these issues compounded by steeper learning curves, jargon and a higher barrier to entry then most day-to-day financial products.

Armed with insights from Google, Receptional’s Head of Content Strategy, Dave Clough, has analysed whose approach to these challenges are working, identifying the winners and losers amongst the top automotive insurance firms.

Join us for this short insightful, where Dave will explain:

• Which firm is performing best in Google’s rankings?
• What it is that the winners do well?
• How the worst performers can improve?

Come and join us!


17th Mar 2021, 10am - 10:45am


Online Masterclass, live from our offices

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Event Breakdown

Automotive Insurance Firms

  • which firms perform best?
  • what the winners do well?
  • how can the worst performers improve?
Dave Clough

Dave Clough

Head of Content Strategy, Receptional

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The paid social activity provided by Receptional to Bill Plant Driving School delivered a fresh and innovative approach to meet the needs of our growing instructor base in the
Birmingham area, showing significant demonstrable benefits within a very short period of time.

Theo Tucker - Bill Plant Driving School />
Theo Tucker
Franchise Development Manager
Bill Plant Driving School

We’ve developed a great relationship with Receptional. They’ve increased the positions of several of our target keywords, bringing us into the top 1-3 positions.

Rafferty Gifford - Liberis />
Rafferty Gifford
Digital Marketing lead

We have had some great coverage of our campaigns with Receptional. All the digital PR campaigns, so far, have been on brand and really reflect what Kiddi Caru stands for.

Caron Mosely - Kiddi Caru Day Nuseries Group />
Caron Mosely
Marketing Manager
Kiddi Caru Day Nuseries Group

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