Free Yahoo Analytics Account


Free Yahoo Analytics Account

Update: we’re now out of quota for free accounts for July, but we’ll be providing more accounts in the first week of August. First come first served, so you can increase your chances by subscribing to our rss feed or following us on Twitter (or both). Good luck, Andy

We are not promising anything, but we notice that there is a bit of a clamour for people wanting Yahoo Analytics accounts, and only so many Yahoo web analytics consultants.

If you are looking for a setup, please comment here (we’ll see your email address, but it won’t be published). Please tell us what you are looking for:

1. A free account – If we can we’ll just give you a login and you can take it from there

2. A free account with billable setup support, getting it properly configured for your website, so you are getting decent reports and interesting dashboards.

3. A free account, but with billable consultancy, training and support, helping you to bring the figures to life and telling you each month what to do with this knowledge.

We’ll try to help as many people as possible. we only have a limited amount of accounts each month to distribute – but let’s see what we can do to help.

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