Google Transcribe Audio Fail: Matt Cutts %uh


Google Transcribe Audio Fail: Matt Cutts %uh

Google’s attempt to introduce subtitles on YouTube videos is somewhat impaired.

The audio transcribe option on most videos which involve talking brings up subtitles for the video, supplied by Google. Unfortunately, their audio transcribing has produced a number of howlers in the videos I’ve watched.

A good example is in one of Google’s own. While they’ve been clever to manually transcribe the majority of their videos, I came across the one of Matt Cutts discussing alt tags to find an unedited video with transcribing mistakes throughout.

From transcribing Google as “global” at one point, some of the text that appears is laughable. With my speakers currently on mute, I can confirm Matt Cutts is quoted as saying “just to let people know this is wonderful write it in and here’s my cat any cuts %uh” as he Discusses the Importance of alt Tags. Well said, Matt.

I see this option as being of limited benefit to anyone other than those who are looking for a good laugh.

Have you come across some funny Youtube Audio Transcription? Please share in the comments section below. I think we can all do with a laugh in the office this afternoon.

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