Guest Post: Use Site Acceleration to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings and eCommerce Revenue


Guest Post: Use Site Acceleration to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings and eCommerce Revenue

Guest Post by David Henzel

Learn how to use site acceleration to convert more people and make more money!

I was shopping for a watch yesterday, and I found an affiliate marketing site selling every type of watch under the Sun. It was well-optimized for searches for specific types of watches, so it showed up pretty high on Google when I did a search for a Citizen watch’s model number.

Many online marketers have a site that makes it easy as pie for people to buy their products. This watch site had four ways to buy the watch: PayPal (directly from the manufacturer),, Google Marketplace, and another online wallet like PayPal. Even though the end of the sales process was well polished, sites like these lose people early in the sales process by not giving them a reason to stay on their page after they land.

People need to see your site

This is pretty obvious, but it’s often overlooked because the people that handle the technical aspects of running an online marketing campaign are usually different people from the content writers, who write a website’s landing page. This disconnect means that writers and site designers care about the site’s content and appearance but don’t worry about or don’t know how to fix technical problems, like load speed even though how long it takes to load is an essential part of a website’s design.

Most potential leads are lost within eight seconds of landing on a webpage. So, this means somebody clicked on a link to your site or typed the URL into their browser but still wouldn’t even spend half a minute to see what you have to offer. That means that you only have eight seconds to impress them with killer content. Or less than eight seconds, since your site still has to load.

Site acceleration

That’s why many websites use site acceleration services. These services remotely host a site’s contents on super-charged servers so that they load faster. As a result, sites that use site acceleration have a higher conversion rate at the beginning of the sales process, which means they’ll also have more sales and increase their eCommerce revenue. Good services like MaxCDN host videos remotely on a separate super-charged server so that the videos don’t slow down your site’s overall load time.

Show up higher on Google

As a side bonus, site acceleration is also a pretty good SEO technique to add to your SEO campaign, and one of the few that doesn’t require you to create any additional content or build up backlinks on other people’s sites. Since Google penalizes pages that load slowly, sites with site acceleration will show up higher on Google because they load faster. This will give you free potential leads that otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to view your site simply because it didn’t show up on search engine results.

About the author: David Henzel is the Vice President of Marketing at content delivery network and site acceleration services provider NetDNA.

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