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Content with Impact: Integrating Design Into Your 2019 Marketing Plans

February 7, 2019

Content with Impact: Integrating Design Into Your 2019 Marketing Plans

Online content is fast-paced. With so many personal and business accounts uploading to social media channels and newspaper and magazine websites updating constantly, content needs to stand out to draw the attention of the busy individual with a dwindling attention span.

This is why visual content is on the rise. Something that would take a user 10 minutes to read could be expressed in five images or a 30 second video instead.

Much easier to absorb whilst increasing your engagement in the long-run.

It is important that businesses incorporate design into their 2019 marketing strategies to stay current and get noticed.

Here’s where to start:

Interactive Landing Pages

In a digital world that invites users to curate their own content with AR filters, or broadcast live at the drop of a hat, static imagery no longer has the pull it once did. Brands must offer users an interactive experience that allows users to engage with content in an interesting way.

One way of integrating this into your digital marketing campaigns is by creating tailored landing pages which invite users to interact.

For example, if you are running a marketing campaign that involves collecting original data, you may find that publications link your website’s homepage by default. This will still have a positive effect on rankings but will filter the link juice through to all pages, making your results slimmer than they could be.

By creating a tailored landing page, the on-page content can be optimised for your target keywords and contain a link to your target page. This way, more link equity will be passed to the target page, helping to surge your rankings.

However, the biggest challenge is making the page worth linking to. This is where interactive content comes in.

In a recent campaign for UK holiday park operators, Away Resorts, focused on discovering the UK’s most Instagrammable forest.

We created a bespoke landing page with an interactive map of the top 25 UK forests according to Instagram hashtags. Users were encouraged to click on the map to discover more about each forest, including its position in the top 25 and total number of hashtags.

This campaign was linked to by some very influential, highly authoritative websites, including:

  • Lonely Planet
  • Country Living
  • House Beautiful
  • MSN

In total this campaign generated 17 pieces of coverage, with 11 websites linking to our dedicated landing page.


Video content is now one of the most engaging and shareable pieces of content a brand can produce.

According to Wordstream videos shared on social media attract 1200% more engagement than image and text posts combined.

Your focus may not be social, but if you are using a video as part of a wider content marketing campaign, this is a figure worth paying attention to. Websites that you pitch videos to will probably be considering the shareability of it on their social channels, making it more attractive.

Now, you might view video content as too expensive. But it doesn’t need to be top-end with a huge budget. If you have an in-house design team then video animation is definitely on the cards. It’s a great way to attract users and appeal to external websites without costing the earth.

A recent campaign for Savile Row Company saw Receptional’s design team creating a selection of bespoke, hand-drawn illustrations depicting the evolution of collars throughout British fashion history. The link with the client being men’s formal wear, ending with a more modern take on a shirt.

Our design team drew a base image we repurposed for each era with changing hair styles, facial hair and clothing, mostly focused on the collar – an efficient way to save time and resources.

The video was picked up by five fashion-related websites.

Branded Informational Assets

Content marketing has a common goal within any sector – improve rankings, increase traffic and generate a return on investment. But many struggle to formulate ideas beyond articles that are only offered as exclusives to single websites.

A way around this is to take your company’s expert knowledge and curate pieces of branded, informational assets. These should not be promotional but offer readers tips instead, increasing your chances of achieving multiple links from one piece of content.

BWML sell residential and leisure moorings in the UK, where their target audience is made up of those aged 45-64 years. Generally, those in this age group will be using online for research, news and perhaps retail purposes. They want informative content that serves a purpose. 

As part of our day-to-day operations we monitor awareness days/weeks that may be relevant for our clients. For BWML, we discovered it was Gas Safety Week 17th-23rd September 2018. So in preparation we gathered content for an educational poster about gas safety on boats.

Our design team created vector illustrations to support the poster’s main safety points, using BWML’s brand colours to tie the information to the brand without being a giant advert.

BWML Gas Safety Poster - Receptional Design

This poster was picked up five times for the awareness week, with one of the pick-ups being in a highly relevant printed publication – Soundings Magazine.

Data Visualisation

A few years ago, infographics were the hottest new content type every business HAD to create. We were right there with every other marketing agency, producing high quality infographics for our clients.

But this wave of popularity saw the web and social feeds become over-saturated. Most of the time, infographics wound up lost in the sea of marketers racing to create them, regardless of quality.

It is safe to say infographics are no longer a go-to, however visualisation is still key for content, particularly digital PR campaigns centred on data.

Instead of sticking data into a long graphic that’s barely visible, create individual graphics. This makes your content consumable by those with shorter attention spans and provides journalists with images to support their writing.  

A recent survey by phone case manufacturers, Tirita, focused on the fashion element of phone cases, aimed at discovering if it was now a more fashionable accessory than other wardrobe essentials such as the belt.

Knowing Tirita’s target audience are young, fashion conscious females, our design team created data visualisations that matched these personalities to entice publications that also target this group.

We laid the survey data on the back of a phone case, with each section representing a percentage. The colours/textures used were selected to appeal to the target audience. This unique format made our data likelier to be picked up by relevant publications.

Tirita data visualisation - Receptional Design

Receptional’s experienced design team are on-hand to help, whether your in-house team is looking for material designed for future campaigns or whether design is just part of a wider range of services you require. Get in contact today to find out how we can help you. 

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