Intrusive Advertising – how long will it last?


Intrusive Advertising – how long will it last?

Latest news of the intrusive advertising being used on iphone applications got me thinking about how advertising is changing, and it has to! Advertising has to move with the ease for consumers to ignore, delete and block your advertising efforts if not done in a intelligent and related manner to offer them products and services which they are actually looking for.

Today we are all living in a society of advertising escapists where you can digitally record and store your TV, and skip or FF through the ads, watch your favourite programs online with little or no interruption, block popups and spam and pretty much ignore every type of display advertising. This is evident on the internet too with larger emphasis being given to non-intrusive and search/content related advertising. Now you are probably thinking that it’s impossible to get away from advertising, yes this is true but when you consider that the forms of advertising that are beginning to become more prominent are the ones that are more related to the consumers and what they are interested in, you need to take different approaches if you don’t want to waste your advertising budgets on high cost, high risk techniques which offer little in the way of guaranteed or measureable results.

As far as TV advertising is concerned it seems that gone are the days when your favourite ad would cause the reaction of a spontaneous sing song, or a big smile across your face which makes you connect with the product, promotion or service being advertised. Not many ads these days can still do this. Is this a sign the TV advertising is getting worse? The jury is still out on this although in my personal opinion I haven’t seen a TV ad in a long time that I have actually liked.

People are becoming desensitised to the advertising pollution that is happening everyday and considering that the average person will be exposed subconsciously to thousands of advertisements a day (some say up to 3000 adverts a day) it’s no wonder that we have become so desensitised that we no longer see them.

This is all a scary prospect when you need to market a product or service. So looking for measureable, quick and safe options most don’t think of online. When I say online I don’t mean the intrusive and annoying display billboard ads which litter the internet and offer little to the customer other than irritation. These are usually as ineffective as spam and will be charged at a huge cost of CPM, cost per thousand impressions. This is not a cost effective pricing structure as you will be paying large amounts of money for very little returns and be paying more for people to see the ad rather than click on it. Adweek magazine’s poll conducted earlier this year found that 46% of the test portion of adults ignored banner ads, and only 1% found banner ads interesting.

Instead consider better pricing structures such as Pay Per Click which many companies have had great and rewarding success with. The opportunities to make an impression quickly and drive traffic and sales to your site is unlike any other form of advertising as it is so highly measureable.

Another way to make an impact on relationship management, PR and Brand Building is by using Social Media. It has so many different uses which people are only now starting to realise, and with pricing being almost nothing it remains to be a very exciting prospect for online marketers.

With consumers becoming more ad savvy and able to stop the ability for advertising to interrupt their lives you have to think clearly about how you are going to reach your audiences. Do you want to spend large amounts of money on offline activities which will have little or no influence on your business? Or do you go for the measureable, interactive, communicative option of online marketing which will enable you to have a dialogue with your consumers and understand what they want and give them targeted and related advertising that they are going to be interested in? Using all avenues is key to create a 360 degree marketing communication, but when we are all trying to save a bit of money and cut costs in different areas, wouldn’t you rather cut them on the areas that you can’t measure? Areas that can’t be deleted, ignored, or fast forwarded through? The choice is yours!

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