Is Google Disavow Links Tool the only solution to low Ranking website?


Is Google Disavow Links Tool the only solution to low Ranking website?

Thank you Google

I hear webmasters around the world jumping up and down with joy, thanking Google for listening to them and finally announcing its new Disavow Links Tool yesterday (16th Oct 2012). Webmasters are hoping that this shiny new tool from Google will help them recover their low ranking or banned websites from any penguin penalty, as they can now easily disavow spammy links using the tool which they have been trying to remove from the sites for months but weren’t successful.

With the new disavow links feature in Webmasters Tools Google has reassured webmasters that they are not all about penalising sites and that they genuinely want to help people recover from their penalties as well.

Whilst in some cases disavowing links will help websites to recover their old rankings, the majority of websites will still struggle to do so because:


1. The disavow tool is NOT a magic shortcut

If you have several thousand spammy links, uploading all the list of such URLs will not be a guaranteed solution. You must do a full manual audit of all your links before you add them to this tool, and request manual removal of as many links as possible by contacting the webmasters of the websites.

You won’t see any change overnight. Google says:

“We need to recrawl and reindex the URLs you disavowed before your disavowals go into effect, which can take multiple weeks.”


2. Just because a link LOOKS dodgy doesn’t mean it IS dodgy

You need to be very careful about which links you disavow because not all dodgy links may be dodgy. Do your homework before taking any actions. Don’t forget you still need quality backlinks to rank higher. If you disavow too many links then you could hurt your rankings and if you do too few you won’t pass a reconsideration request. Use tools like Majestic SEO to help find out the links to your site are coming from a credible source.


3. Lousy links are not the only reason your website is not ranking high

There are over 200 signals used by Google to rank a website, and links are a very strong signal but they are only a part of several quality signals. So it is important not to get over-excited about the disavow tool and not to lose focus on other quality metrics of your site.


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