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June Roundup: What’s New in Search Marketing?

June 21, 2019

June Roundup: What’s New in Search Marketing?

Welcome to the first of our monthly industry roundups, giving you a snapshot of each month’s events from the search marketing world!

Google Update – 1st July

Anybody who works in the digital marketing and SEO space knows Google is an ever-evolving beast, moving with the times and shaping the online landscape in a constant, free-following series of updates and algorithm changes.

This big change sees Google prioritising mobile versions of new websites over their desktop counterparts. Mobile-first search indexing now means new websites must be optimised for smartphone and tablet viewing, not just desktop.

Use this table from the Google Developer announcement to see how the update will affect certain sites.

With Google Search Console it’s easy to see pages that have mobile usability issues. This is shown in the “Mobile Usability Report “, which spots these errors:  

  • Uses Incompatible Plugins
  • Viewport Not Set to Device-Width
  • Content Wider Than Screen
  • Text Too Small to Read
  • Clickable Elements Too Close Together

Suspicious Site Reporter Extension for Chrome

Credit – Google

Google’s Safe Browsing feature is launching. It allows users to actively report sites they feel are suspicious.

The feature adds a flag on your browser extensions, turning orange if it finds anything dubious about the page you’re visiting.

If your website is not among the top 5,000 websites on the entire internet, the Chrome browser extension will flag your site as suspicious.

Google Lets Advertisers Promote YouTube Live Streams as Display Ads

Google is introducing a new ad format that enables users to run YouTube live streams as display ads.

Live stream ads can appear anywhere Google’s display ads are usually shown, bringing an entire wealth of new viewers to channels that may not have initially found them.

It also places YouTube in a serious head-to-head with competitor Twitch, the streaming platform purchased by retail giant Amazon back in 2014 for close to a billion dollars.

Credit – Google

Feel like any of these updates could affect your business? Drop us a line today!

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