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[eBook] 25 Steps To A High Converting Financial Website

May 15, 2019

[eBook] 25 Steps To A High Converting Financial Website

The journey to a new website is rarely easy.

It can be tough to keep your objectives in mind and always move forward through design and development. Sometimes it’s difficult to work out what your objectives should even be, with so many points of view to take into account.

There’s just one thing everyone can agree on: the new website needs to convert.

We have created an eBook, ‘Mobile Conversion: 25 Steps To A High Converting Financial Website‘ that shares our own design methods that help us to stay on track when we’re collaborating on website designs with our clients.

This includes how to approach web design pragmatically and purposefully, all the way through to reviewing the designs and making the new website a success after launch.

Web design is one of the fastest evolving facets of digital marketing. In 2018, 52% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, and that share is only increasing as website UI focuses more on touchscreen technology.

Not meeting a modern smart phone user’s expectation can be the difference between a potential consumer leaving in frustration or converting into a happy customer.

A lot of focus is placed on aesthetic when discussing design in general, but websites like Reddit, Craigslist and Facebook prove that success is not all about looks. They are all objectively ugly websites that serve the users’ needs beautifully and are extremely successful because of it.

A highly converting website is about making the user’s life as easy and stress-free as possible. So, the tips in this eBook are handpicked from Google’s best practice recommendations to mostly focus on the lower half of the marketing funnel, with examples tailored to the financial services sector.

Whether you use it as a primer for taking on a first mobile design project, or you’re a seasoned designer looking for inspiration from best-in-class websites, your main objectives should be:

  • Remove as much resistance as possible between your audiences and their goals
  • Reducing funnel leakage during engagement
  • Provide a positive user experience

Although the examples in the eBook are tailored to the financial sector the tips are applicable across most industries, plus it is FREE so you really have nothing to lose.

Download your copy here!

If you need help improving your conversion rate, on desktop and/or mobile, get in touch with our CRO specialists to discuss your project today.

Rob Newhouse

Digital Marketing Consultant

Rob is a member of Receptional’s SEO and Web Development teams; specialising in technical SEO and digital analytics. He has been involved in content marketing and link building, as well as leading web design and conversion rate optimisation projects. Away from his desk, Rob is a musician and writer.

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