Beer Fridge and Ping-Pong Table: New Receptional Film Upends Agency Culture Clichés

Beer Fridge and Ping-Pong Table: New Receptional Film Upends Agency Culture Clichés

by Luke Nava
Marketing Manager

5 September 2022

Receptional has released a short film that upends the traditional agency cliché: that a table tennis table can make up for a toxic working culture.

Shot as a mockumentary, it features real-life Receptional team members discussing a “super competitive”, “intense” and “heated” environment. Slowly they reveal that the agency isn’t just an agency, but a front for an underground ping-pong training club.

“This is our big dream”, says Jack Rose, Operations Director. “Not just digital marketing experts, but Olympians in the making. At Receptional, our passion is table tennis.”

The short was filmed and edited by Origins of Motion, and conceived and directed by Receptional’s own Creative Director, Robin Smith. Smith joined us in summer 2021, bringing 35+ years’ experience in some of the world’s top agencies, and more than 100 creative and effectiveness awards since 2008.

He says: “When I started at Receptional, I saw how much table tennis is at the heart of our culture. It sounds like a cliché, but the table provides a focal point for short breaks and small talk. Having a quick game is a chance to stretch your legs, clear your head and catch up with someone from across the team. Sometimes it gets a little competitive – and the idea for this film came from extrapolating that.”

Justin Deaville, Receptional’s Managing Director, adds: “Over the last few years, we’ve carefully curated our culture. We introduced a new purpose – Better People, Better Lives – to hire colleagues with potential and enable them to flourish. We overhauled how we develop leaders, manage performance and recognise our team. And we updated our values, aligning hiring, promotions and benefits to them.

“So, while we do have a beer fridge and ping-pong table, we also offer a fun and friendly working environment, with plenty of scope for recognition and progression. The new film showcases those things, albeit with a tongue planted firmly in cheek.”

In recognition of our focus on culture, we secured Investors in People status in 2021. In 2022, we won “Best Culture Transformation Initiative” at the UK Company Culture Awards, “Employer of the Year” at the SME Luton and Bedfordshire Business Awards, and Silver for “Best Agency Culture” at the UK Agency Awards.

We continue to recruit at all levels, with our latest opportunities available at:

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