Online ad spending is cost-effective, claims Adobe


Online ad spending is cost-effective, claims Adobe

Adobe Systems has announced it is to increase its spend on internet advertising as it aims to attract more clients.

The move comes as the American firm, creator of picture editing software Photoshop, looks to reduce money spent on ‘traditional’ forms of advertising, reports Marketing News.

Senior vice president of corporate marketing and communications Ann Lewnes told the publication: "The web is cost-effective and you can track and effectively measure campaigns. That means you can test and modify campaigns and activities. You can’t do that with print."

She added that as Adobe creates products for the internet it makes sense for the company to focus on online advertising.

Ms Lewnes also claimed the firm is set to launch Adobe Apollo later this year, which she describes as "the ultimate rich internet application that will enable companies to create ‘branded’ experiences just one click away on the desktop".

Earlier this week research by Nielsen Net Ratings claimed the software industry witnessed the largest growth in internet advertising between December and January, growing by some 142 per cent, reports ClickZ News.

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