Over 100 Brilliant Tips and Insights From Brighton SEO September 2015


Over 100 Brilliant Tips and Insights From Brighton SEO September 2015

The Receptional team headed down to the seaside for another excellent Brighton SEO event.

This September’s event was as big and as full as previous events, and as per usual, the topics were covered in-depth and varied, with many speakers focusing on current concerns in the search industry.

Barrie attended the Data, Technical and Content Marketing sessions during the day and you’ll find all of the best tips and actionable advice he picked up from Brighton SEO in this article:

Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis – How to make sure you’re going to make money with analytics

1. 5 key areas in Analytics: Analysis, tracking, reporting, insights and testing
2. Avoid making decision based on flawed data
3. Share your definitions of metrics and dimensions
4. Reports need keys and descriptions
5. Reports should have commentary from the relevant team
6. The more you test, the more you learn
7. Testing proves theories

Kristina Baus

Kristina Baus – Data driven marketing strategy – How to do it?

8. A data-driven marketing strategy is very important
9. 64% of people say they need to be connected to the internet all the time
10. Almost everything will be connected to the internet with the development of the internet of things
11. Measurable data is actionable data
12. Too much valuable data gets ignored

Gary Illyes

Gary Illyes – Mobile SEO is Still the New Black

13. 74% of UK consumers have smartphones
14. 40% of UK sales take place on a smartphone/tablet
15. Google Mobilegeddon was a success – only about 20% of the internet are now not Mobile Friendly
16. Popularity of apps will grow dramatically
17. Google Voice is a very powerful tool and will grow even bigger in the future
18. If you have a business and don’t go mobile, you will be left behind

Greg Gifford

Greg Gifford – Local SEO – A Seriously Awesome Blueprint

19. Local SEO takes hard work
20. Any business with a physical location,or which serves customers in a specific area needs local SEO
21. Why’s SEO so difficult? Because Google keep changing the rules
22. Content matters – quality, not quantity
23. Stop publishing so much poor content
24. Stop trying to fool Google – they’re better than you
25. Read your content out loud – if it doesn’t sound human, it’s not good enough for the internet
26. Optimise your content for local results
27. Traditional linkbuilders target sites with high Moz Domain Authority (DA). Low DA local sites are gold for local SEO
28. Take advantage of relationships that you’ve already built
29. Take advantage of things you are already doing
30. Get local links to pages in your local silos
31. Important to get mentions of your name, address and phone number on external websites
32. Most businesses do nothing with citations
33. You need to be where Google expect you to be
34. Your citations must be 100% consistent
35. Incorrect/incomplete/duplicate data sends bad signals to Google
36. Go after local citations that your competitions aren’t paying attention to
37. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do from their friends or family!
38. 4 out of 5 people will not buy from you if you have bad reviews
39. You can’t fake caring about your customers
40. Make it easy for your customers to leave reviews
41. Ask for reviews
42. Don’t have more reviews than your competitors, it looks fake
43. Reply to most of your negative reviews (don’t engage with trolls)
44. Don’t tether Facebook to Twitter – Twitter users won’t want to click on a Facebook link to see a photo

David Mihm

David Mihm – Maximizing Your Local Search Presence in 2016+

45. It’s getting harder and harder to get a greater share of local search
46. It’s getting harder and harder to get a greater share of organic traffic
47. There is a decline in organic search traffic growth
48. 90% of time spent on mobiles is spent on apps
49. Google Now on Tap is important for local businesses
50. 9 out of 10 customers who had a positive experience of your company would leave a review if they were asked
51. Only 7% of customers who have had a positive experience are actually asked
52. The UK is 2-3 years behind the US with local SEO
53. Engage with your customers to create content for you that you want to rank for

Jon Henshaw

Jon Henshaw – Mobile SEO

54. On-page SEO for mobile means: Speed, User Experience, Structured Data, Device Responsiveness
55. Google cares about time
56. Google cares about actions
57. Reduce the size of images on your mobile site (use SVGs, or SRCSET HTML code)
58. Use Schema.org to enhance listings

Shelli Walsh

Shelli Walsh – How To Have Ideas for Creative Content

59. Content marketing has been around over 100 years – it isn’t a new thing
60. “Concept is king”
61. Brainstorming sessions:
a) The six thinking hats (helps you generate ideas thinking from six different people)
b) The “why” technique (keep asking why)
c) Combine ideas (for example, the mobile phone and camera were two separate devices)
62. Anyone can learn thinking skills

Cathal Berragan

Cathal Berragan – Lessons Learned on the way to Half of a Million Twitter Followers

63. “Humans crave visual content”
64. Make sure you’re always online to communicate to your audience. Weekends are more popular than weekdays
65. Don’t let an intern run your social media profile

Pippa Moyle

Pippa Moyle – Merging your business into the 24 hour news cycle

66. You have 3-5 seconds to engage your audience
67. Create content that would be in the news cycle
68. Know your reader, produce good quality content, follow the news, keep thinking about your reader
69. Know your audience and get the thinking right

Paul Madden

Paul Madden – A Systematic Approach to Managing Relationship and Links

70. Links are still the signal to Google
71. We all need to up our game in outreach and understand the psychology of action
72. “There is no action without reaction”
73. Reaction is prompted by emotion
74. We have to know what our target user will respond to – do they have a need we can fulfil?
75. Link building is about relationships
76. Aiming to build a network of influencers in niches can benefit all future projects
77. The top 20% of sites will make 80% of the difference
78. Marketing succeeds today more than ever as a result of leveraging those people you know
79. Once we understand what motivates our target users we can use emotional triggers to elicit action
80. Trust is something you have to earn
81. Give rather than take
82. “Every conversation brings you closer to your goal”
83. Set a goal for each communication
84. Very brief emails often get a response (no more than 3 lines of text)

Paddy Moogan

Paddy Moogan – A Process for Reverse Engineering Success Content

85. Successful content comes down to three things: The story/hook, data and production/design
86. An existing audience also helps
87. “Content marketing is bloody hard”
88. Look for trends from your competition (ie list articles may be their most shared)
89. Finding data sources is excellent for successful content
90. Can you provide your own data?
91. Visuals (infographics) are great for finding useful data that you can replicate and improve

Kelvin Newman

Kelvin Newman – How to have fewer rubbish ideas

92. You will have better ideas when you understand your context
93. You will have some reliable methods when you understand your context
94. You will have better ideas when you create the right environment
95. The best SEO tool costs less than a fiver (pen and post-it notes)
96. A new idea can be generated from remixing the attributes of an existing idea
97. The more different or surprising the combination of the two attributes, the more compelling the idea
98. Frameworks help you narrow the brief and makes creativity easier
99. Good ideas are hard to come by

Dave Trott

Dave Trott – Closing Keynote

100. 90% of the creative department isn’t creative
101. People confuse style with creativity
102. 89% of marketing campaigns last year were forgotten – that means nearly £17bn of £18bn marketing spend in the UK was wasted
103. Creativity may be the last legal unfair advantage we have that allows us to overtake the competition
104. Form follows function
105. “Einstein said if you can’t explain it to an 11-year-old, you don’t really understand it”
106. “If everybody else is doing it, it’s invisible”
107. Clients are often too scared to take a risk so they end up behaving the same as everyone else
108. Social media is just the delivery stream – people are what go viral
109. Make content memorable

Barrie Smith

Digital Marketing Consultant

Barrie implements link building campaigns for several of our large clients, ensuring it’s a profitable part of their online marketing strategy. With over 13 years’ experience, Barrie is an expert at researching and advising clients on which methods work, which are more successful, and which to avoid for optimum results. Outside of work Barrie enjoys travelling, watching football and reading.

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