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Bing PPC

Bing’s advertising platform is often overlooked; many advertisers limit their activity to Google.

Yet Google’s market share has fallen to its lowest level in the UK for several years, with Bing making strong gains. While Google still dominates, Bing’s traffic is on the up. If you’re not targeting this traffic, you could be missing out.

From many years of experience we know that Bing Ads can deliver profitable traffic. Often, lower competition means we can find great opportunities.

If you’d like us to investigate your market – without obligation – please get in touch.

Why Receptional?

Whether you are looking to set up new campaigns, or have existing campaigns you would like us to manage, we can help you achieve the very best results.

As an agency, we help our clients to achieve results on Bing every day and have been doing so for many years. As with AdWords, the mix of activity needs to be just right. That’s why we work closely with dedicated account representatives at Bing to ensure our clients get the best possible returns from their activity.

We are Bing Ads qualified


All of our PPC campaign managers are Bing Ads Accredited Professionals.

Case Study

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“Since we’ve started working with Receptional, the increase in sales and efficiency has proven that not only do Receptional know what they’re talking about, but that they also have the skills to follow-up the words with immediate and effective actions.”

Rowan Shaeffer

Rowan Shaeffer


“The work that Receptional have undertaken for us … has helped to increase traffic by 140% and enquiries by over 400% over the past 12 months. Their targeted approach has meant that we are receiving the right kind of enquiries from the right kind of clients.”

Janine Chamberlain

Georgina Smith

Marketing Manager, Sydney Mitchell Solicitors


If you’re spending £5K+ per month on your current activity, we’ll complete a free PPC Healthcheck, a no-obligation account review. Our report will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your existing campaign alongside any opportunities for improving performance.

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