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Free Pay Per Click Healthcheck

If you’d like to improve your PPC campaigns, Receptional offers a free PPC healthcheck. You will receive a detailed written report (worth £1,950+) that’s tailored to your objectives.

It’s the first step in turning a poor performer into an outstanding campaign.

Our Approach

Your PPC Audit will recommend short and long term goals, so you can capture any quick wins while the long term plans get rolling.

Over 95% of our Healthchecks immediately identify areas of weakness or opportunity that can be corrected quickly, improving return on investment (ROI) through cost savings alone.

Healthcheck Report

What does the report include?

Keyword Performance

Researching keywords and reviewing their performance is crucial for PPC success.

Impression share

Are you reaching the right audience? Are you failing to advertise against relevant keywords? We’ll let you know.

Quality Scores

Poor keyword targeting reduces your quality scores, which means Google will charge you more for each click you receive.

Ad Text and Click-Through Rates

Ad variations should be continuously tested to measure response rates. We’ll help you create compelling ad text.

Location Targeting

Different countries, regions, and cities will respond to your ads in different ways. We’ll help you adjust your bidding strategy and increase your return on investment.

Ad scheduling

Conversion rates vary throughout each day. We use your conversion data to customise your bidding strategy.


“Receptional has provided a real insight, and the conversion rates have been incredibly impressive in such a short space of time. Their customer service is excellent and I’d happily recommend them – I’m looking forward to our next campaigns,”

Janine Chamberlain

Janine Chamberlain

Head of Recruitment and Retention, Ramblers

“Receptional have generated some fantastic results … Since we’ve worked with them on PPC, we’ve seen an uplift of 89.5% more players, without increasing the marketing budget.”

Michal Kopec

Michal Kopec

Territory Development Manager, Ladbrokes Groups

Want to know more?

We are passionate about PPC and have been for over 10 years. During that time, we have worked with household names in the retail, travel, professional services, gambling and online gaming sectors.

If you’re spending £5K+ per month on your current activity, we’ll complete a free PPC Healthcheck, a no-obligation account review. If you’d like to know more, just get in touch.


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