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Free Google Ads For Charities

At Receptional, we appreciate the wonderful work of UK charities. And with the help of Google Grants we can help you achieve more exposure online – as we have with charities such as The Armed Forces Charity, MENCAP, SSAFA & the Ramblers.

Google Ad Grants allow registered charities to advertise on Google’s search pages for FREE. It also offers non-profits up to £315,000 per year of advertising to promote their mission, gain greater visibility and to recruit more volunteers online.

To check whether your non-profit organisation is eligible for Google Ad Grants, or if you’d like help managing an existing campaign, please get in touch.

Why Receptional?

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But, in fact Google Grants are real, but not widely publicised.

Here’s how they work: Google allows not-for-profit organisations to advertise on its search pages for free. Initially, your charity can access to up to $10,000/month (that’s around £78,000/year) of AdWords advertising. Our existing clients have used our Charity PPC Services for a variety of good causes – to generate income from subscriptions and legacies; to educate and inform their audience; and to recruit volunteers for their cause.

We are a Premier Google Partner agency. This means we run large numbers of campaigns; we know what works and what doesn’t work.

We are a Google Partner

We are a Premier Google Partner agency. All of our PPC campaign managers are AdWords Qualified professionals.

Our Clients

Case Study

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“Receptional’s input has enabled our paid-search work to reach the next level, with significant positive impacts on our impressions, clickthrough rates, quality scores, and average cost per clicks. We would highly recommend them to any other charity organisations.”

Hugh Platt

Hugh Platt

Asthma UK Digital Team

“We were impressed with the results and it’s highly unlikely we would have passed GrantsPro without their assistance. Our improved AdWords capacity is now making a really positive impact on our business, and we will look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Alex Donohue

Alex Donohue

Mencap Digital Team


If you’re spending £5K+ per month on your current activitiy, we’ll complete a free PPC Healthcheck, a no-obligation account review. Our report will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your existing campaign alongside any opportunities for improving performance.


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