Free PPC Healthcheck

This year, our free PPC healthchecks have generated £1,664,000 revenue.

We have also generated £1,403,200 savings by transforming poorly performing PPC campaigns!

When Receptional conducts a healthcheck you receive a thorough insight into your PPC campaigns without it costing you a penny. It's the first step in turning a poorly performing AdWords account into a well-oiled marketing machine.

Entirely bespoke to your business, every healthcheck is 20-30 pages long and worth £1,950. The report is written by an experienced consultant.

Before we get started we'll want to know about your business and its goals. That way, we can evaluate your PPC campaigns with your objectives in mind - no automated report can do that.

If you'd like a no-obligation review of your PPC campaigns, please get in touch.

What does the report include?

Impression share
Are you reaching the right audience? Are you failing to advertise against relevant keywords? We’ll let you know.

Quality Scores
Poor keyword targeting reduces your quality scores, which means Google will charge you more for each click you receive.

Keyword Performance
Researching keywords and reviewing their performance is crucial for PPC success.

Ad Text and Click-Through Rates
Ad variations should be continuously tested to measure response rates. We’ll help you create compelling ad text.

Location Targeting
Different countries, regions and cities will respond to your ads in different ways. We’ll help you adjust your bidding strategy and increase your return on investment.

Ad scheduling
Conversion rates vary throughout each day. We use your conversion data to customise your bidding strategy.

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