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Charities - get free advertising from Google.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But, in fact Google Grants are real, just not widely publicised.

Google Ad Grants allow registered charities to advertise on Google’s search pages for FREE. The grant allows non-profits up to £315,000 per year of advertising to promote their mission, gain greater visibility or recruit more volunteers.

At Receptional, we are enthusiastic about the benefits of Google Grants. We’ve helped many, many charities advertise successfully.

We are a Google Premier Partner with vast experience in the not-for-profit sector. We regularly win awards for our clients, who include The Ramblers, MENCAP, Jo’s Cancer Trust, SSAFA, Arthritis Action, Concern Worldwide and many more.

If you’d like help managing an existing campaign, or would like to know how to apply, please get in touch.

How Google Grants work

Google allows not-for-profit charity organisations to advertise on its search pages for free. To get started, all you have to do is follow the application process using your registered charity number.

Once accepted, you will have to set up an AdWords campaign, from where you can choose your keywords, create your ads and identify what you want people to do (i.e. donate).

You can then compete for exposure within Google’s search results on the advert listings at the top of the page. An initial monthly budget of £6,500 (that’s around £78,000 per year) is available to spend advertising against the search terms you are targeting.

Sometimes the work involved in this kind of project can seem daunting particularly if you don’t have the relevant experience within your organisation.

Our experts can help – from initial application to identifying your goals and building relevant ads.

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Our clients have used the grant for a variety of good causes – generating income from subscriptions and legacies; educating and sharing their story and recruiting volunteers.

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