Passing the Google AdWords Fundamentals and Advanced Search Exams!


Passing the Google AdWords Fundamentals and Advanced Search Exams!

This week I successfully completed my Google AdWords Advanced Search exam, which along with the Fundamentals exam which I previously took in July has now completed my Search Advertising Certificate.

Fortunately I passed both of them first time, but I don’t think it would have been possible without spending time revising for them and using AdWords and Editor to get a feel of how they work.

For both exams I spent most of my time revising using the AdWords Learning Center and had a browse through Learn With Google. For the Fundamentals exam I also used iPass exam revision, this was alot of help and gave me a chance to have a feel for what the questions were like – they were very similar to those in the real exam.


AdWords Fundamentals Exam

This exam had a pass mark of 85% and allowed 120 minutes to complete 110 multiple choice questions, which was a lot of time!

When I took the Fundamentals exam I had only just moved into the PPC team and it was quite hard to get a grip on navigating the AdWords interface as I hadn’t worked online, so questions on different account levels caught me out a fair bit as some were not as obvious as the others! Other than that, the Fundamentals exam was relatively straight forwards and I felt there weren’t really any questions designed to catch you out.

I spent quite a bit of time preparing for this, but I imagine getting to know AdWords and spending some time on iPass, as it has a huge variety of questions, would be very helpful.


AdWords Advanced Search Exam

This exam had a pass mark of 80% and consisted of 109 questions in 120 minutes.

In my experience with this exam I found that I had gone through all 109 of the questions in just under an hour, after breathing a huge sigh of relief I realised I had marked a third of them for review! So after checking through those and browsing the others for silly answers I managed to use almost the full 2 hours.

I’m glad that I took my time to do this exam and did some work on AdWords and AdWords Editor before hand as there were a few times in the exam where there were a couple of answers which I felt were both correct – one which I had perhaps been told to do at work and one that Google would have wanted us to do.. (The problem was remembering which one was which!) But trying some of the tools & reports really helped weed out some obvious answers.

I found that I ended up with a lot of questions on performance monitoring and conversion tracking, which was a nice chunky section in the AdWords Learning Center, so I was quite prepared for that, but I also found a significant amount of questions on the AdWords API, which didn’t seem the biggest section of the Learning Center and really caught me out. In hindsight I should have searched around for a bit more information on the AdWords API and got a real understanding of it before the exam rather than after!

So if you’ve stumbled accross this trying to research for an exam I reccomend you know you’re way around the MCC and understand Adwords API!


It would be interesting to know if anyone shared the same thoughts with the exams.

In the mean time, here’s my new certificate 🙂 …

Adwords Certificate



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