PPC Account Re-Structure


PPC Account Re-Structure

"Having used Google Adwords profitably for a number of years, our account had grown considerably and managing our campaigns was becoming increasingly difficult. We approached Receptional to review the structure of our account with a view to improving the management of our adspend and increasing our ROI. Within no time, Receptional had a produced a detailed report with their recommendations, arranged special considerations for account changes with Google, and started the restructuring of our account. The effect was almost immediate, and within a month we were seeing a better return, even with Receptional’s costs included. Highly recommended"

Gary Baker, Swagger & Swoon Ltd

Restructure Benefits:

  • You retain the management and we provide the expertise
  • Higher campaign CTR’s and improved keyword quality scores
  • Lower average CPC’s and CPA levels account wide
  • An increase in ROI through improved conversion performance

PPC Services & Management from a leading UK Agency

As well as ongoing pay per click management and senior PPC consulting, the Receptional PPC Team are now offering in depth re structures of existing Google AdWords campaigns.

A PPC re-structure is ideal for clients who want to manage their own campaigns and are not looking to outsource ongoing management, but would like a Google AdWords professional to conduct a detailed re structure to improve their ROI from paid search advertising.

Why Should I restructure My PPC campaigns?

Over the past 12 months we have been conducting free pay per click health checks one of our key observations was the lack of in depth account structure and a granular approach to pay per click advertising. We believe that a highly optimized campaign, based on sound logic and granular structure is critical to a successful PPC campaign and are now offering a one off restructure to help struggling campaigns flourish.

With an in depth PPC restructure your AdWords account will benefit from an improved CTR, higher quality scores, greater visitor engagement and long term lower cost per clicks. Our aim is to make your campaigns more profitable, traffic more cost effective and campaigns easier for you to manage.

How long does it take?

We will analyse, re structure and provide detailed feedback within 3 weeks and ensure you are kept fully updated throughout the re structure process. Your account manager is always on hand to discuss the recommendations that have been made and will clearly explain the logic behind the intended re structure prior to launch.

How much does it cost to restructure my PPC account?

Our re structure services start from as little as £1500 and depends entirely on the size of your existing account, how optimised your campaigns are and how granular you would like our consultants to go. Our Google professionals will also analyse your web analytics system to identify top performing areas to ensure all recommendations are made with your business objectives and KPI’s in mind.

What support do I get after the restructure?

After the re structure has been completed your account manager will offer you support and advice and will discuss the first weeks performance statistics with you as well as highlight further opportunities they feel will benefit the account.

If ongoing support is required we can assist with retained PPC management or be on hand for ad hoc pay per click support.

What Do I Do Next?

If you would like to talk to one of our PPC consultants about a campaign re structure you can get in touch via telephone on 01525 715520, via email to sales@receptional.com or using the enquiry form below.

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