RAE Warns the UK "Over-Reliant" on GPS Signals


RAE Warns the UK "Over-Reliant" on GPS Signals

The Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) has warned that the UK may have become dangerously over-reliant on satellite-navigation signals.

The Amademy’s main fear is that too many applications have little or no back up should these signals go down.

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), such as Global Positioning System (GPS) are very popular.  The number of users increases by the day.

Emergency services, railways, financial systems, Sat-Nav systems, shipping and air transport all use cellular and data networks.

The very precise timing information these systems deliver has made them so popular.

The European Commission estimated that 6-7% of Europe’s GDP (approximately £690bn) annually, is dependent on GNSS data in some way.

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