Receptional Gives PPC Presentation at Google HQ


Receptional Gives PPC Presentation at Google HQ

Our very own Senior Paid Search Consultant, Chris Whyatt, travelled to Google HQ yesterday to give a PPC presentation to a hundred of the UK’s leading marketers and eCommerce businesses.

Back in April Receptional were pinpointed by Google as one of the 30 best-performing agencies in the UK. As a follow-up, we were asked to give a presentation at their London office.

The presentation, 7 Practical AdWords Takeaways, focused on how to improve the effectiveness of PPC campaigns in a mobile world.

Chris explained how to improve a brand’s ad exposure, explained what keywords advertisers should be bidding for and listed tips for improving click-through rates. There are now more searches on mobile devices than desktop, so there was a particular emphasis on mobile marketing.


Here is a summary of the key takeaway messages of all seven points that were covered during the presentation.

  1. Always aim for 100% impression share
  2. Use keyword funnelling to reduce costs
  3. Use Expanded Text Ads
  4. Use the full complement of Ad Extensions
  5. Know and understand the real value of your mobile campaigns and adjust your mobile bids accordingly
  6. Re-engage visitors by using remarketing
  7. Always segment your shopping campaigns

We will be following up with a series of blog posts that summarises the points Chris covered in his presentation. So if you didn’t manage to get to the seminar yesterday, keep an eye on our blog.

Due to the popularity and success of this seminar Receptional have been kindly invited back by Google to participate in more seminars in 2017.

If you feel that you have some gaps in your own AdWords account contact Receptional today for a free PPC health check.

Gemma Flinders

Digital Marketing Consultant

Gemma joined Receptional having previously worked as a marketing manager for a hair salon chain. She now works on PR, link building and SEO for a number of Receptional’s B2B and B2C clients. When she is away from her desk Gemma can be found writing for her lifestyle blog, wearing black and eating pizza.

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