5 Talks Not To Miss at This Year’s SES London

5 Talks Not To Miss at This Year’s SES London

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The SES London conference – one of Europe’s leading digital marketing events – will take place from 9-11 Feb 2015

As a regular attendee of the UK’s top marketing conferences, I guarantee you’ll come away from SES London with some actionable tips and tactics for your digital strategy. While both days of the conference are packed with useful talks and digital insight, here are the top five talks you won’t want to miss:

Talk 1: Achieving Results With RTB & Programmatic Buying

Speakers: Sammy Austin, Head of Programmatic, MoneySupermarket
Emily Palmer, Head of Programmatic EMEA, Thomson Reuters

Day: SES Day 1 10 Feb 2015

Why you shouldn’t miss it:

Programmatic marketing is an incredibly useful technique for marketers and advertisers who want to place their ads in front of the right people at the right time.

Although this sounds like the very fundamentals of marketing itself, programmatic marketing is built upon a system of automated processes, where marketers can make use of real-time bidding (RTB) software to bid on ad space on relevant websites. This requires little interaction from humans apart from the initial setting up of the target audience and business goals. Here’s a very useful beginner’s guide article [LINK] which explains the concept in greater detail.

Whilst the key concept of programmatic marketing is the automation, this talk highlights the increasing need for human oversight and expertise because utilising the best data and matching the most appropriate ads for the most relevant customers is an art and requires a human touch.

So whilst this talk will help you to get your head around the definition and practice of programmatic marketing, you’ll also be presented with practical tips.

Talk 2 : Mobile SEO – How to approach your mobile strategy to get it right

Speakers: Shelley Appiah, SEO Manager, HomeServe Alliance
Adam Whittles, SEO Director, Maxus

Day: SES Day 1 10 Feb 2015

Why you shouldn’t miss it:

With UK mobile searches and conversions at an all-time high, it’s important that mobile marketing is fully integrated into your overall digital strategy.

Not only are more people searching and buying things from their mobile devices, but there’s also the growing trend of multi-device usage throughout the user journey, with mobile playing an integral role in the research phase across all sectors.

What’s more, mobile is especially influential in local search due to the nature of people on the go looking for a nearby service.

This talk will give you an overview of how you can combine and leverage all three of these aspects into a killer mobile SEO strategy.

Talk 3: Redefining What Content Marketing Means in 2015

Speakers: Grace Francis, Head of Content, Lastminute.com
Carmel Hayes, Head of Content Marketing Europe, eBay

Day: SES Day 1 10 Feb 2015

Why you shouldn’t miss it:

Over the last few years, everyone in the digital marketing world has been telling you how important content marketing is, but few have really told us how to do it properly. And if anything, content production has gone into over drive without really being defined by business goals or matrixed against the sales funnel.

This talk, bought to you by two speakers from leading global brands will help you to refresh how you see your content marketing in 2015. They’ll discuss methods for aligning your content strategy with key business objectives, which is key for getting the return on your investment in content production.

You’ll also discover ways to go beyond blogs and social media posts when promoting and publicising content, which have generally been the most generic ways of sharing content with your audience.

And finally, the speakers will also share their experiences on how to tell stories; a technique that has helped to build brand advocacy and awareness for some of the world’s most well-known brands.

Talk 4: Next Generation Site Architecture – Increasing Your Site Findability

Speakers: Rob Millard, SEO & Traffic Acquisition Manager, FM News & Weather, BBC News
Tomas Vaitulevicius, SEO and Analytics Manager, Rightmove

Day: SES Day 2 11 Feb 2015

Why you shouldn’t miss it:

The speakers alone have caught my interest in this talk. But aside from this, site architecture continues to be a key consideration if you want to get your site indexed and rank highly, as well as providing an optimum user experience.

This talk will focus on some key factors in defining your site’s architecture for SEO, in terms of Google’s crawl budget, how your site will be properly indexed, the flow of vital link juice into your site and how it’s distributed.

You’ll also be treated to some examples of the perfect navigation set-up from brands you’ll recognise.

Talk 5: Link Building, Google Updates, and More – Mostly White with Some Shades of Gray

Speaker: Jim Boykin, CEO and Link Building Ninja, Internet Marketing Ninjas

Day: SES Day 2 11th February 2015

Why you shouldn’t miss it:

It wouldn’t be a digital marketing conference without mentioning shady link building tactics.

But with Google firing out penalties left, right and centre, you should have left those dodgy link building days behind you.

Jim Boykin, CEO and link builder at Internet Marketing Ninjas, will discuss some controversial topics in the SEO space. He’ll also be giving out tips on how to create content for the purposes of attracting natural links and citations. Most of the time, Jim’s tips will help stay well within Google’s guidelines, but watch out for some controversial black-hat tips too.

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Zoe-Lee Skelton

Senior SEO Consultant

Zoe-Lee is responsible for creating Receptional’s content strategies. Her work has encompassed everything from performing keyword research to re-writing a company’s entire website. She has created successful content marketing plans for clients from a variety of industries, Zoe-Lee is analytics qualified. In her spare time Zoe-Lee enjoys writing her blog, photography and getting outdoors.

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