Success With The Google Analytics IQ Test


Success With The Google Analytics IQ Test

Well done to Hayley Coutinho and myself for both recently passing the Google Analytics Individual Qualification after weeks of trying to put it off!

The Google Analytics IQ Test was first launched in 2009 and allows individuals to demonstrate proficiency in Google Analytics.

The test itself consists of 70 multiple choice questions and candidates have 90 minutes to acquire the 80% pass mark, which sounds much easier than it is!

The questions covered a variety of AdWords and Analytics subjects and my advice to anyone thinking of taking the exam is to brush up on the below areas before taking the plunge!

• Account creation
• Profiles and filtering
• Configuring AdWords and Analytics
• Campaign Tracking
• Advanced Segments
• Ecommerce tracking
• Cross domain and tracking code customization
• Creating goals and analysing funnels
• Events & virtual page views

Preparing for The test

I would strongly advise investing plenty of time going through the Google Analytics IQ Lessons and brushing up on areas you feel need strengthening. There are some excellent presentations full of practical tips and hints and in my opinion you can’t fail to learn something new.

I split my revision into a few days and made sure you that any new knowledge acquired was put into action on an existing Google Analytics account, which was extremely helpful for questions around interpreting data, advanced Segmentation and filters.

The exam itself was reasonably challenging and requires a decent level of knowledge and experience with Google Analytics and I certainly wouldn’t recommend taking the exam without allocating some time for revision.

Our shiny new certificates can be seen below and whilst I won’t reveal our actual scores, I will say that Hayley topped the class by 1%!!



Well done again Hayley, I’m not at all bitter!

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