T Mobile says – don't use your phone for downloads, videos or games.


T Mobile says – don't use your phone for downloads, videos or games.

As a T Mobile customer with an “unlimited” internet plan, I’m more than a little disappointed to have come across this amendment to their so-called “fair use” policy:

From 1st February 2011 we will be aligning our fair use policies so our mobile internet service will have fair use of 500MB.

Of course, “aligning”, that explains everything. Although aligning with what is unclear.

Let’s face it, 500MB is no real allowance at all, and doesn’t allow for any type of higher bandwidth activity – streaming music or videos in particular. Which seems a little strange to me as they sold me a phone with a youtube video app built in . In typically “matey” style, they continue:

So remember our Mobile Broadband and internet on your phone service is best used for browsing which means looking at your favorite websites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, BBC News and more, checking your email and looking for information, but not watching videos or downloading files.

“Best used” seems to be a nice way of saying “only used”. Because “when you go over the fair use amount … you won’t be able to download, stream and watch video clips”.

It also seems that some of their customer are confused about what the internet is supposed to be used for:

Browsing means looking at websites and checking email, but not watching videos, downloading files or playing games .

The cheek of some customers! Using the the internet to do what they like ! I’m surprised T Mobile haven’t acted sooner.

Not content with enforcing a tiny “fair use” limit on an “unlimited” internet plan, they even have this little gem to share:

If you want to download, stream and watch video clips, save that stuff for your home broadband.

Thanks for the lifestyle advice. I can think of some alternate advice that starts “if you want to retain your customers…”

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