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Three LinkedIn Ads Targeting Opportunities

February 20, 2019

Three LinkedIn Ads Targeting Opportunities

Why LinkedIn?

With over 610+ million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for the world of B2B. From job titles and skills to time spent at each company, LinkedIn is essentially an online CV that all users are happy to keep up-to-date. This makes LinkedIn data a goldmine for B2B advertisers.

LinkedIn Ads- LinkedIn Stats

If you know the job titles your sales team talk to, LinkedIn is your platform. Want to target a senior individual in a list of target accounts? LinkedIn is your new friend!

So, how do you take a platform with all this data and turn it into an effective marketing tool? We’ve got three targeting opportunities that can give your LinkedIn marketing strategy the competitive edge.

1.   Top of Funnel: Native Audiences

You might consider this to be your starting point for LinkedIn targeting. Native targeting is key to unlocking the data LinkedIn has to offer. Build audiences based on job titles, skills, job functions, industries, etc. the list just goes on!

What does this look like from a practical perspective? Let’s say you’re a manufacturer of factory equipment, you may sell to the food and beverage industry and the people you speak to are generally middle management and above within some kind of engineering role. You can take all those elements and turn them into an audience by selecting your industry, job function and seniority from the targeting selection.

Need to be more specific? No problem! You can target by job titles too. Imagine you want to target call centre architects and managers. Where would they sit in terms of functions, operations, support, engineering? Instead of guessing and ending up with a broad audience, you can input the exact job titles you want to target. If they appear on user profiles, LinkedIn will let you select them.

Native targeting is a great way to reach unknown users or potential buyers and start building relationships.

Top Tip: Layer your audience with at least three of the targeting options to make sure you reach the users that you really want to target.

2.  Known Users: Custom Match Audiences

This form of targeting is a great way to utilise your own data and reach known users or accounts you should be working with. Custom match audiences allow you to take your owned (1st party) data and upload it into the platform.

For instance, if you have a new product, want to upsell or need to re-ignite a conversation, you can take a list of email addresses, upload them to LinkedIn and target matching users. Or, you could take a list of target account names (1st or 3rd party) and target users in the organisations you have listed (ABM). Just be sure to layer this audience!

Add job titles or job functions and seniority to make sure you get the people you want, rather than everyone including the interns.

In the world of B2B this is a quick way to improve your lead quality.

Top Tip: Increase your match rate for target accounts by including company domains in your upload list. Also, be sure to check out LinkedIn’s templates before you try and upload lists.

3.  Re-Engage: Remarketing and Demographics

This is a clever solution to ensure web visitors aren’t forgetting about you and for doing a bit of LinkedIn stalking (shh… don’t tell anyone).

LinkedIn now has a great piece of script which, once implemented across your site, lets you build audiences by web visits. You can also see the companies people visiting your site work for, their job titles, seniority and location!

But let’s not get too excited, LinkedIn aren’t foolish – you won’t be able to work out exactly who these individuals are. But it’s great for understanding who’s showing interest.

Building an audience based on web visitors allows you to keep your brand ‘front of mind’ with potential buyers. You’ll see a much higher conversion rate because they know who you are!

You can also segment by specific URLs, so if you have specific product landing pages or services aligned to industries, these can be targeted individually, allowing for greater precision when analysing interactions.

Top Tip: Make sure you make the most of the data you collect here. If there are job titles or companies you don’t want to engage with, exclude them from your remarketing (and other campaigns if it makes sense).

Side note: Just in case you were wondering how this all works with GDPR (fun stuff), you don’t need to worry, LinkedIn has it covered! Members are automatically opted out of custom targeting (email list uploads) and remarketing. But all users are eligible for targeting via native and ABM audiences!

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