Watch Out Wordstream! Google AdWords Now Gives You An Account Health Score


Watch Out Wordstream! Google AdWords Now Gives You An Account Health Score

As most people are aware, Google has an army of product engineers working on new features to keep Google at the top of the digital advertising world. This is not only to ensure that they offer the best possible services but also so that businesses and agencies keep spending money on their platform!

Well, it now appears they have ’borrowed’ an idea from Wordstream and are testing an account Health Score feature, located within the Opportunities tab in your AdWords account.


Diving deeper into the opportunity insights, Google is able to provide top level feedback on what you have done right in a campaign, and what opportunities are still available, with the potential cost increase or savings that could be made.


Information around this new feature is at present slim to non-existent, but the insights gained from this feature, if you do have it enabled within an account you manage, are useful.

Even for us seasoned professionals, it is always beneficial to see how your account is performing with a second pair of eyes or, in this case, an automated account review system, grading your account’s quality out of 100.

At Receptional we will be keeping a close eye on this new development, as this feature rolls out. We will be watching with interesting to see how our current clients’ accounts are performing and continuing to make the tweaks and improvements over time as usual..

If you have any questions about this, or any other of Google AdWord’s features, get in touch with our PPC team.

Chris Whyatt

Chris started at Receptional in October 2014, having previously managed an in-house PPC team. Being a new father to his son Archie “Danger” Whyatt, (Yes, Danger really is his middle name) Chris doesn’t have much spare time, but when he does he enjoys films and is a massive The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones fan. AdWords Qualified and a Bing Ads Professional.

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