Yahoo Launches "Search Pad" Note-Taking Tool


Yahoo Launches "Search Pad" Note-Taking Tool

Yahoo have announced today the launch of a new note-taking tool for web searches called “Search Pad”, which will create notes if users are conducting research.

There are already a number of note-taking tools available online – including on search engines, such as Google’s Notebook feature. Yahoo hope to go one further by automatically creating notes if their search engine detects a user is conducting research.

Search Pad is a note taking application built into Yahoo! Search that automatically assists you in saving websites you visit and taking notes as you search

The idea that Yahoo will create notes as the user searches (and without interaction) is an interesting one, clearly requiring some clever analysis of search patterns in order to identify research – as opposed to other types of web search activity.

Notes that have been taken will appear in a blue box in the top right hand corner of search results:

Yahoo Search Pad

Search Pad will be enabled for web searches automatically, so Yahoo users are likely to see this feature in action in the near future.

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