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6 Things Matt Cutts Taught Us About Link Building before he went on Holiday

Matt Cutts recently announced on his blog that he will be taking an “extended break” from his role at Google for “a few months”. Cutts said he will be gone through to October. So between now and then, perhaps we can expect a lot of spam to dominate Google’s search results?  Only kidding. Matt will...

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5 Content Types That Always Get Links

How often have you heard the phrase “content is king”? I’m sure the majority of you just nodded your head. It’s a popular phrase that’s been around for a long time and looking at the Google Trends graph it has remained popular since it first broke onto the scene: Marketing is all about having a...

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5 Quick & Sneaky Link Building Wins

The buzz in the digital world is that SEO-led PR is the way forward for link building – but putting all your eggs in that “Page Rank 6 Newspaper Website” basket isn’t exactly the most effective or easiest strategy for building links in the short term. This is not to say that those links aren’t...

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Don’t Write Off Byline and Guest Post Links Just Yet!

Over the past few months many publications have chosen to “nofollow” links in author biographies, so I decided to reach out to a selection of my media and PR contacts to discuss the best ways to obtain links in stories and guest posts. Go for a Google Plus link Many of the publishers I spoke...

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Expert Tips: How to Remove a Google Manual Penalty Quickly

So, you’ve been hit by a Google manual penalty and you’re starting to notice the devastating effect it is having on your website. The recovery from this can be a hard, drawn out process. Unless you have a helping hand from the experts of course! At Receptional we have assisted a number of high profile...

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Link Building In Action: Take Part To Win!

Over the last year, we’ve been having success using data as a tool to build links. Data speaks to different people in different ways, and allows for different interpretations (and ultimately, different types of content) to be created and published on the internet. Data can also be presented in a variety of formats, which allows...

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Is Guest Blogging Dead? The Truth

Matt Cutts’ latest blog post titled ‘The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO’ stirred a number of reactions (426 comments on his blog post to be precise). And with an opening paragraph like this, you can understand why: “If you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should...

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19 Things Matt Cutts Said in 2013 That Changed the Way We Build Links

Google has made large numbers of changes to its search algorithm over the past year or so, most notably the Penguin update. As a result there’s confusion over what counts as clean link building – and what is dodgy. Video blogs from Matt Cutts, the head of Webspam at Google, as well as his Q&As at...

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Where to get referral traffic that converts into sales

An integrated marketing strategy is important to online success. Businesses can’t solely rely on one or two channels to send unlimited  traffic. There are many ways to drive traffic: organic and pay per click (PPC), but the one I have focused on in this blog is referral traffic.  This is traffic that is coming from...

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5 Reasons to Audit Your Backlink Profile

Most agencies now offer an SEO Audit. An SEO audit is an essential task at the beginning of any new SEO contract. I’ve yet to take on a client who got the SEO “right” from the start, or didn’t have areas that required significant improvement (and more importantly, would drastically improve their organic visibility with a...

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