Introducing The Power Rankings

Introducing The Power Rankings

by Chris Whyatt
Agency Innovation Lead

25 April 2024

Introducing Our New SEO Power Ranking Reports: Your Monthly Insight into the UK’s iGaming Industry

Curious how your SEO strategy measures up? We’ve got you covered with our latest offering: The Power Rankings. Delivered monthly, these reports rank the top 10 websites across key betting markets in the UK – casino, horse racing, and Premier League football.

What are the Power Ranking’s?

Our reports are a snapshot of the top websites ranking organically for the most important sports betting and iGaming keywords. From casino games like blackjack and slots to sports betting in horse racing and football, our Power Rankings offer a view of where each website stands in the SERP landscape. 

Why They’re Essential

With Google’s frequent updates changing the SEO landscape, staying informed is important. Power Rankings will ensure you never miss a beat. Our insights will help you quickly gauge your market position, pinpoint improvement opportunities, and benchmark against competitors. It’s all about knowing where you stand and what moves to make next. 

How It Works 

Using data from Receptional’s proprietary database and Google’s listings, we compare the top brands’ performance for the most impactful ie, profitable – keywords. Each month, we present these findings in a visually engaging format, ensuring you receive clear, actionable insights, without the need to dig through data yourself. 

April’s Casino Data: 

power rankings casino cover power rankings casino cover

April’s Horse Racing Data: 

April’s Football League Data: 

Power Rankings Football 

Don’t Get Left Behind 

Embrace the competitive edge our Power Rankings provide. Visit our website to see how your brand is performing and discover opportunities to enhance your SEO strategy. 

Stay Updated 

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