146 new sign-ups in Birmingham over 5 weeks

The challenge

Bill Plant Driving School was the winner of the National Driving School of the Year 2019.

Following an instructor recruitment surge in Birmingham, they needed to increase the supply of students in the area to match new demand. Paid social media was proposed to:

  1. Generate enquiries from prospective students who might not otherwise have been actively seeking out a driving instructor
  2. Increase the driving school’s presence in a major target market to entice future sign-ups
  3. Retarget prospective students in the consideration stage of the customer journey
  4. Develop a new marketing channel to diversify historic reliance on paid search

    What we did

    Target 17-25 year olds in Birmingham on Facebook and Instagram with social proof orientated creatives.

    Services used


    Paid Social

    The results

    Over a 5 week period and spend of £1985, the campaign reached a target audience of 125,792 people, generating 146 new learner sign-ups.

    • Set a record number of daily manual bookings in Birmingham across channels (25 sign-ups)
    • Added new prospects into the funnel with 205 ‘post saves’ for later
    • Conversion rate of 9.0% at a CPA of £13.59

    Key takeaway
    The most important outcome of the pilot was identifying Instagram as a profitable platform for Bill Plant Driving School moving forward:

    • Instagram contributed 51.4% of sign-ups at only 33.9% of spend
    • Superior conversion rate of 12.5% at a CPA of £8.96

    The paid social activity provided by Receptional to Bill Plant Driving School delivered a fresh and innovative approach to meet the needs of our growing instructor base in the
    Birmingham area, showing significant demonstrable benefits within a very short period of time.

    Theo Tucker - Bill Plant Driving School />
    Theo Tucker
    Franchise Development Manager
    Bill Plant Driving School

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