Investing in Netwealth's digital brand and seeing engagement returns up to 96%

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Netwealth is a modern wealth management service with experienced professionals and a technology-enhanced approach to investing. They specialise in many services including tailored financial advice, comprehensive planning, and investment optimisation.

The challenge

Our mission was to create a digital campaign to launch a new dashboard for MyNetwealth – the client’s advanced online wealth-building platform. The brief gave us some key focus points:
  • Ensure the campaign is on-brand – reflecting what Netwealth represents
  • Make it multi-channel compatible – casting a wider net for engagement
  • Connect with the target audience – aiming at wealthy, middle-aged professionals
However, one core obstacle presented itself. How do we take a simple concept and morph it into a campaign that innovatively highlights the features and benefits of the dashboard – with zero budget for a photoshoot?

The solution

With the expertise of our in-house creative team, we embarked on the following journey:  
  • Stage 1 – The foundation
We built a suite of campaign designs from scratch, guided by our thorough understanding of the client and their needs. Our final designs were created through the lens of the brand, with the correct message and target audience we needed to connect with.  
  • Stage 2 – Visual engagement
We created a detailed explainer video to showcase the new digital dashboard and introduce the vast range of powerful features it provides. Our team ensured the video was optimised for viewing across several devices. We combined in-house 3D animation with live-action stock footage, adding a human touch to the tech-based service, which was important for the brand.  
  • Stage 3 – Manifesting the campaign
Arriving at the end of our mission, we produced over 250 still and video digital assets for the campaign. With the help of our in-house Paid Media team, this spanned across multiple channels – including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Ads, and more.

The results

The digital campaign was launched in early April and quickly cemented itself as a success, yielding the following returns:  
  • The campaign reached over a million people with 3 million impressions
  • Predominantly driving traffic and awareness initially – as MyNetwealth is a new platform – after only a few months the campaign had driven 29% of MyNetwealth retargeting clicks and 35% of all retargeting conversions
  • The campaign produced 96% of the Netwealth page engagement.
  The success of the MyNetwealth digital campaign was a mere reflection of how video content continues to be a key element in brand building. As this type of marketing content evolves and expands, with no sign of stopping anytime soon, innovative campaigns such as this will remain an essential investment.
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