Taking Your Facebook Campaigns to the Next Level: 3 Underrated Features Worth Testing Today

Taking Your Facebook Campaigns to the Next Level: 3 Underrated Features Worth Testing Today

by Phoebe Dolan
Senior Paid Media Manager

26 September 2023

In the realm of digital marketing, Facebook Ads reign supreme. With over 3.3 billion monthly active users as of the last update in September 2021, Facebook offers a treasure trove of potential customers for businesses of all sizes. While many marketers are familiar with the basics of creating and running Facebook Ads, there are several underrated features within the platform that can take your advertising efforts to the next level.

In this blog post, we’ll explore three of these lesser-known gems within Facebook Ads that can help you maximise your campaign’s effectiveness and return on investment (ROI).

    1. Facebook Audience Insights

    Facebook audience insights have been overlooked in the past, but with recently improved data segmentation, this can provide key information for advertisers when it comes to looking more closely at their audience. By using audience insights, you can refine your targeting and create more relevant ads, leading to improved campaign performance.

    These include:

    • Demographics – This allows you to analyse data such as age, gender, relationship status, education, and job titles to better understand your audience.


    • Location and Language – With this, you can optimise ad delivery based on location and preferred language.


    • Activity and Device Usage – This helps you determine when your audience is most active on Facebook and which devices they use.


    At Receptional, we used extensive audience insights when reporting on IGBLive 2023 in order to build a fuller picture of where the global audience was coming from and the type of people attending the event. This has then been applied to the newest iGaming campaigns.

    When using these insights, you should always remember to look at the bigger picture to ensure you get the most out of your data and results.

    2. Dynamic Creative

    Dynamic Creative allows you to test multiple ad elements, such as headlines, ad text, images, and call-to-action buttons, within a single ad set. It’s also great if you have limited creative. Facebook’s algorithm automatically optimises the ad to show the best-performing combinations to different audience segments.

    To use Dynamic Creative effectively:

    • Create Variations – Include several versions of headlines, ad text, images, and other elements.


    • Enable Automatic Optimisation – Let Facebook’s algorithm determine which combinations work best for each user.


    • Regularly Review and Optimise – Monitor the performance of your dynamic creative ads and make adjustments based on the data.


    This feature can help you discover which ad elements resonate most with your audience and significantly improve campaign results.

    3. Facebook Offline Conversions

    This is another powerful feature that bridges the gap between online advertising efforts and offline actions taken by your customers, such as in-store purchases, phone inquiries, or other offline conversions. Although we know this can be tricky to implement, it’s definitely worth doing so.

    This feature provides valuable insights, allows for precise tracking of offline conversions, and enables data-driven optimisations that can enhance the overall effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, especially for businesses with a strong offline presence.

    The top three advantages of Facebook Offline Conversions are:

    • Measure real-world impact – You can connect online advertising efforts to offline actions like in-store purchases or phone inquiries.


    • Optimise ad campaigns – This enables you to use insights from offline conversions to make data-driven decisions and allocate budget effectively.


    • Create custom audiences – You’ll have the ability to re-engage existing customers and find new ones who resemble your offline buyers through Custom and Lookalike Audiences.


    While Facebook Ads might seem straightforward at first glance, the platform offers a plethora of underrated features that can help you reach a wider audience, improve ad performance, and boost your ROI. By exploring and leveraging these features, you can stay ahead of the competition and make the most of your advertising budget. So, don’t just settle for the basics – dive into the depths of Facebook Ads and unlock their full potential for your business.

    To find out more about how our Paid Media team can help you boost your marketing with Facebook ads and more, click here.

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