(eBook) How Marginal Gains Can Get You Lengths Ahead at Cheltenham

(eBook) How Marginal Gains Can Get You Lengths Ahead at Cheltenham

February 27, 2020

(eBook) How Marginal Gains Can Get You Lengths Ahead at Cheltenham

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the biggest events in the sporting events calendar – and a critical period if you’re in the gaming industry. (if you’re in a rush, you can download the eBook here).

In SEO terms, nothing quite matches the volume Cheltenham generates. It’s a time when racing fans scour the internet in hopes of finding betting tips and quality content.

These figures show the scale of Cheltenham in the SEO world:

  • There are over 5 million yearly searches for Cheltenham-related keywords. A lot, right? Not really when you consider that
  • There are over 39 billion search results for these keywords

“The market’s over-saturated,” you might say. But Receptional’s Sports and Gaming Team prefer to take a different approach

The sheer scale of interest in the Festival means there’s plenty of gains to be made. If you’re willing to go the extra mile and optimise your processes for search performance.

Identifying Your Gains

We’ve found even a 1% gain can make all the difference when it comes to Cheltenham. What does this look like practically? Well, it means implementing a clear strategy to find small areas of improvement.

For last year’s Cheltenham Festival, we put together a content plan for one of our clients that looked loosely like this:

1. Research – analysing the existing market and seeing where these marginal gains can be made.

2. Content Creation & Promotion – producing relevant, quality content and sourcing the best websites for its placement using our in-house expertise.

3. Delivery – using these marginal gains to deliver a tangible result for our client.

Using this process, we found our 1% gain, which helped our client achieve an average ranking of 1.08 throughout the entire Festival.

We believe the steps we took to bring about these results are worth sharing.

That’s why we’ve published a new eBook – “How Marginal Gains Can Get You Lengths Ahead at Cheltenham”.

It’s chock-full of useful information on how we devised and implemented a strategy to help our client rise up the rankings in the build-up to the Cheltenham Festival, for example:

  • Insights into the search potential of Cheltenham, and how we used this to make small improvements in our processes
  • How we developed a plan to produce quality content that stood out from our competitors
  • The technical knowledge and expertise that went into sourcing quality websites for our content, outlined in our very own ‘commandments’.

Click here or below to download your free copy!

If you think we could help your business improve its performance around the Cheltenham Festival, we’d love for you to get in touch. Contact us today to see how your business, too, can race up the rankings.

Jack Rose

Head of Sports & Gaming

Jack joined Receptional having previously worked in marketing and project management for the gambling industry. He now works on link building and SEO for a number Receptional’s clients; with gambling and gaming clients as his speciality. Away from the office Jack is an avid carp angler and travels all around the country hunting down his next big catch.

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