Supercharging Your Advertising: Exploring 3 Game-Changing Features in Google Performance Max Campaigns

Supercharging Your Advertising: Exploring 3 Game-Changing Features in Google Performance Max Campaigns

by Lauren Eaton
Senior Paid Media Manager

15 September 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, staying ahead of the competition is essential for agencies aiming to maximise their returns for their clients. Google, being at the forefront of online advertising, continues to innovate its advertising platforms to provide marketers with tools that deliver exceptional results. One such innovation is Google’s Performance Max (PMax) campaign, a game-changing approach to online advertising that redefines how businesses connect with their audiences.

In this article, we delve into three key features of Google Performance Max Campaigns that can supercharge your advertising efforts and propel your clients to new heights.

So how did Receptional’s Performance Max strategy help one of our clients, Bright Horizons, maximise brand visibility in a highly competitive market and significantly increase leads, whilst reducing cost per acquisition by 62% all within three months?

We share our secrets below:

    1. The power of dynamic URL expansion

    Dynamic URL expansion within Performance Max Campaigns is a feature that takes dynamic URLs to the next level. It’s a strategy that allows us to dynamically generate and serve URLs tailored to the user’s search query, intent, or demographics. Essentially, it’s the art of presenting users with URLs that precisely match their interests, augmenting the user experience and driving them towards desired actions.

    Imagine a scenario where a user searches for “Nurseries in Brighton.” With dynamic URL expansion, the ad could lead them to Bright Horizons’ Brighton nursery landing page. If the user searches for a more generic term such as “Nursery near me”, the URL can dynamically expand to show the closest nursery to them. Unsurprisingly, this seamless transition from search intent to relevant content increased CTR by 353% from 6.53% for search campaigns to 29.59% for PMax.

    2. Cross-platform reach to engage with all levels of the funnel

    While conventional search campaigns allow advertisers to present ads to individuals actively searching their services, a challenge arises when attempting to target potential leads who may be more passive in their approach. How can we effectively engage with these prospects who are in the market for childcare but exhibit a less proactive stance? Say hello to in-market audiences and cross-platform reach!

    Cross-platform reach is a pivotal feature within Google Performance Max campaigns that catapults advertising into the digital age. By seamlessly extending your ads across a spectrum of Google platforms, including Search, Display, YouTube, and Discover, Performance Max ensures that your brand engages audiences at various touchpoints of their online journey, from top-of-the-funnel passive browsers to high intent bottom-of-the-funnel converters.

    In-market audiences enable advertisers to connect with users showing strong interest in a specific product or service category based on their online behaviour.

    This targeting strategy leverages user searches, website visits, and interactions to precisely reach potential customers who are already considering a purchase or relevant actions.

    By focusing on users with demonstrated intent, Performance Max campaigns boost engagement rates, optimise advertising efforts, and drive conversions efficiently.

    In-market audiences empower advertisers to concentrate resources on a qualified audience segment, enhancing campaign efficiency and maximising ROI.

    3. Attracting your competitor’s leads, without breaking ‘the agreement’ 

    In the realm of advertisers, an unspoken ‘gentleman’s agreement’ exists against bidding on competitors’ brand terms.

    However, a challenge emerges: how can we entice potential leads who might not have explored your services, all while adhering to this agreement and refraining from bidding on competitors’ terms?

    The ‘Browsed Similar Websites’ feature in Performance Max campaigns presents a remarkable opportunity for advertisers to strategically expand their reach and connect with their desired audience.

    By identifying users who frequent websites similar to those of their competitors (without actually bidding on your competitors’ terms), advertisers can tap into a relevant and engaged segment of potential customers.

    This innovative feature utilises data on user browsing patterns to deliver ads to individuals who have displayed interest in products or services akin to what your competitors offer. This approach not only allows you to target users with demonstrated intent but also provides a unique avenue to stand out in a competitive landscape.

    Leveraging this feature within Performance Max campaigns opens a door to engage users in a context where their interests align, potentially driving higher engagement and conversions while effectively differentiating your brand.


    In conclusion, as the digital advertising arena evolves, Google Performance Max Campaigns and Receptional’s strategic prowess emerge as a winning combination.

    By harnessing dynamic URL expansion, cross-platform reach, and innovative targeting, we’ve demonstrated that success is not only achievable but can be transformative.

    Supercharge your advertising with Performance Max and Receptional’s expertise, ushering your clients into a new era of exceptional results and boundless opportunities.

    Are you ready to take the next step?

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