Which are the most liked casino brands in the UK – and why?

Which are the most liked casino brands in the UK – and why?

by Grace Ambrose
Content Specialist

10 August 2023

Technology has progressed at the speed of light in this digital age, and the casino industry is an expert in keeping up.

With constant changes, casino brands are always looking for new ways to reinvent classic games.

Alongside this are consumers, who are frequently on the hunt for the best ways to play.

In light of this digital age, the UK government has set out plans to reform gambling laws. This will affect operators and affiliates, and aims to strike a balance between consumer freedoms and protection.

This is why, in our latest eBook – Unveiling The Secrets of The Casino Industry: Insights and Strategies For Success (UK Edition) – we reveal the eye-opening results of our survey, where 500 online casino players had their say.

To find out what’s important to consumers and what they look for in casino brands, our eBook provides detailed insights which could change the way you approach your marketing.

On top of this, we conducted some intensive research to discover the most liked casino brands in the UK – and why…

1. Sky Bet

Ranking for over 50,000 keywords in the UK, Sky Bet is the top choice of online casino. This is because Sky Bet upholds a solid brand reputation, which combined with traditional advertising and PR campaigns, reaches its wide target audience of varied age groups more likely to respond to different marketing channels.

    2. William Hill

    Similar to Sky Bet, William Hill is also a well-known casino with a good brand reputation. Our survey uncovered three things which players look for when choosing a casino brand:

    • Ease of game
    • Payout size
    • Quality of gameplay

    William Hill, much like our other top choices of casino brands, offer a huge variety of games. They also make use of bright graphics and familiar titles.

    At Receptional, our Creative Team know the importance of graphics and visuals. With their many years of experience, they have seen the significance of good creative when making successful campaigns.

    Bright, easy-to-read graphics will immediately draw a consumer’s eye – portraying the ease and quality of gameplay in just one featured image.

    3. Bet365

    Bet365 only just scraped third place over Paddy Power. They also know how to appeal to their wide target audience, utilising different marketing channels and displaying their range of games with bright, colourful graphics.


    But these brands all share a secret…

    They also perform well organically!

    With an SEO strategy that focuses on technical elements, on-page content and user experience, alongside off-page activity such as link building and digital PR, brands can improve their rankings for relevant keywords.

    This can increase brand awareness and ensure dual exposure on search engine result pages (SERPs) when paired with a targeted paid campaign. This would make sure your brand is the first choice for consumers.

    It’s a combined marketing strategy like this that caters to different age groups and appeals to the specific needs of each consumer in their online gaming experience. By marketing to different age groups through their preferred channel, you can make your brand feel personalised, visible and popular, helping you rise – or stay – on top.


    To find out how you can become a market leader, download our free eBook and uncover the secrets of the casino industry as the results from our survey are revealed.

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