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[eBook] 25+ Steps to a High-converting E-commerce Site

November 26, 2019

[eBook] 25+ Steps to a High-converting E-commerce Site

Retail is a fierce and fast sector driven by demand from consumers – as both customers and modern people with high-tech lifestyles. That’s probably what makes the forerunners of online retail among the most tech-savvy teams in the world, or vice versa.

But keeping up with the competition is just the beginning.

Success in E-commerce is not just about aggressively selling your product by adding lots of calls to action. Remember, your audience could be landing on your site at different points in their journey – i.e. different stages in your marketing funnel. Appealing to a range of customers like this can be tricky.

Even once the customer is convinced, upholding a good UX throughout the checkout process makes the difference between a one-time customer and a lifetime one.

Our eBook – ‘25+ Steps to a High-converting E-commerce Site’ will make sure you’re starting on the right foot by demonstrating the fundamentals of good retail UX, learned from the best-in-class.

You’ll also cover how UX contributes to the key steps of a typical marketing funnel:

  • Landing on site and making a good first impression
  • Reducing exits during engagement to turn your traffic into sales, and
  • Providing a good post-sale experience

There’s no time to waste! Click here or below to download your copy and start improving your website.

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Rob Newhouse

Digital Marketing Consultant

Rob is a member of Receptional’s SEO team; specialising in technical SEO and digital analytics. He has been involved in content marketing and link building, as well as leading web design and conversion rate optimisation projects. Away from his desk, Rob is a musician and writer.

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