25 steps to a high-converting financial website

25 steps to a high-converting financial website

by Rob

Digital Marketing Consultant

The concept of the marketing funnel is nothing new. We know what it looks like.  And the words we’re likely to find on one.

It’s called a funnel because lots of people start the process. Potential customers leak out at every step. Only a few people find their way through and come out the other end as converted sales.

But how can this model help you optimise your marketing and sales?

Receptional’s eBook: 25 steps to a high converting financial website will explain all.

It focuses on the lower half of the funnel – reducing leakage on your website. It will help you convert more of those potentials into actual customers.

You’ll discover:

  • Landing page fundamentals – how to design a page that converts
  • How to increase intent – how to emphasise your business’ key selling points
  • Aesthetics and interactivity – how to keep users engaged and motivated

You’ll also find a helpful checklist for reviewing your own site.

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