Decoding the Digital Habits of High-Net-Worth Individuals

Decoding the Digital Habits of High-Net-Worth Individuals

Marketing to high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) is tough.

These wealthy individuals are often hard to reach – they are inundated with offers and opportunities – yet they are discerning.

They may have specialised needs and wants, which can be hard to identify unless you’re familiar with their lifestyle.

HNWIs value their time immensely. Privacy and discretion are important. And this audience expects high-quality interactions, from initial contact to post-purchase service. Anything less can result in a lost opportunity.

Because of this, it’s important to have a clear understanding of these customers – and what makes them tick.

At Receptional, we believe knowing your audience is the first step to a winning marketing strategy. That’s why we’ve surveyed 500+ high-net-worth individuals about their digital habits and preferences.

The report looks at five key areas:

  1. How emotions drive investment choices
  2. Two key personas that are investing today
  3. What factors influence HNWIs’ investment choices
  4. How HNWIs research and make their investment decisions
  5. Which brands are first choice – and why

We finish with some key takeaways for marketers.

So, if you’re wondering how emotions affect your prospects, or which channels HNWIs prefer for research, this eBook has the answers.


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by Grace Ambrose
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