Three Personas You Can Prioritise in Your Casino Campaigns (Canadian Edition)

Three Personas You Can Prioritise in Your Casino Campaigns (Canadian Edition)

by Grace Ambrose
Content Specialist

12 July 2023

In April 2022, iGaming began operating in Ontario, Canada.

Since then, the industry continues to develop, with the digital age making casino games even more accessible.

But this comes with greater responsibility.

Casino brands are accountable for the safety of their players in this growing industry, where standing out against competitors is harder than ever.

And it has never been more important to understand your consumers.

In our recent eBook, Decoding the Gamer’s Mind – unveiling the secrets behind casino brand preferences, we delve into three main segments of casino brands’ target audience, uncovering exactly what they’re looking for in their online gaming experience.

Our survey, based on the answers of over 500 Canadian online casino players, uncovered the desire for:

  • Technological advancements
  • Better personalisation
  • Increased safety measures.

Therefore, there’s much to consider in your marketing efforts.

But first, one important factor to consider is your target audience.

In order for casino brands to alter their marketing and create the most effective casino campaigns in the ever-changing modern industry, they need to understand their consumers better.

To do this, we have created personas that are an approximation of different audience segments:

  • The Researchers
  • Those in it for Fun
  • The Familiarity Seekers


The Researchers – Age group 21-30


We found that the youngest age group, aged 21-30, are mostly female. They will look up reviews of sites and practise games before choosing which ones to wager on and are more likely to find recommendations through social media.

The Researchers like to ensure the brand has a good reputation and loyalty rewards for returning customers.

Favouring interactive games with simpler gameplay and bold graphics, this age group show interest in the potential of Virtual Reality (VR) being introduced to their trusted sites.

When asked about which well-being features they’d like to see, The Researchers asked for financial vulnerability checks and spending limits.

It’s important to note that many reputable casino sites already have the option to set spending and time limits, but how you market this to the younger age group is important.

Relying on social media to find trusted brands, Paid Ad campaigns and social media marketing is a great way to build up your brand reputation and spark the interest of The Researchers.


Those in it for Fun – Age group 31-50


This group is mostly male. They use social media and search engines to find popular games to try their chances at.

Without doing much research, the 31-50 age group – Those in it for Fun – are the most frequent players. They tend to follow trends, seeking out games which appear simple and of good quality.

They like finding reputable sites with great online reviews – showing again that this group rely on the popularity of games to make their choice.

The traditional game of Poker is a clear favourite.

After expressing interest in seeing more games with augmented reality, the well-being features this group ask for are time limitations and warnings of irregular spending.

With this in mind, you’ll want to utilise a combination of social media marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) to build brand reputation and increase engagement with this target audience.

By investing in SEO, you can increase your rankings for various keywords.

Combining this with bold graphics and animations which promote ease of gameplay, Those in it for Fun are more likely to find and trust your brand.


The Familiarity Seekers – Age group 51-70


This age group is also made up of mostly male-identifying players. They look for sites with a good brand reputation and rely on word of mouth to find online casinos with a variety of gaming options.

Their favourite games are Slots, and they enjoy playing free trials and demos to experience the ease of gameplay and good-quality reels.

Despite looking for familiarity and playing more traditional games, this group expressed their interest in introducing voice recognition. They would also like to see warnings of irregular spending and spending limits from casino sites.

To appeal to The Familiarity Seekers, you’ll want to adopt a range of different marketing styles to build up your brand reputation.

Ranking highly in search engine result pages (SERPs) through an SEO strategy, combined with Paid Ads and an effective PR campaign, casino brands can rely on word-of-mouth and easy access to specific games to appeal to these players.

It’s clear that by implementing a range of digital marketing techniques, casino brands can appeal to a huge target audience, creating a more personalised experience and catering their campaigns to showcase each persona’s preferences.

By using technology, implementing more safety measures, and creating a personalised experience, combined with these specific marketing efforts, you can build a better brand reputation and stand out against competitors in the ever-evolving market.


To find out more about consumers’ preferences, download our eBook today.

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