Understanding Your High-Net-Worth Individual Target Audience

Understanding Your High-Net-Worth Individual Target Audience

by Luke Frederick
Content Executive

23 August 2023

Did you know that 75% of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) now make investment decisions based solely from online advice?

Do you want to effectively target this demographic with your marketing?

You can!

In a digital era where the financial landscape is as fast-moving as the stock market itself, understanding how to grip your HNWI audience is as crucial as ever.

From the slightest changes in your content strategy to the complete reshaping of your marketing funnel, certain adjustments can make all the difference in securing engagement from this prime demographic.

So, what can marketers do about it?

You’re asking the right questions, and since here at Receptional we specialise in making market leaders, we started asking these questions too…

And we found the answers…

HNWIs – Dissecting the hidden truths

We conducted research into the buying habits of HNWIs, surveying 400 individuals of a specific criteria to uncover in-depth knowledge surrounding:

  • The channels HWNIs use for their financial research
  • The aspects that most influence their choice of firms
  • How the above vary by income and investment portfolio size

Our comprehensive survey yielded some invaluable insights which we delve into in our eBook – High-Net-Worth Individuals’ Buying Habits Revealed: 2022 Edition – along with a few essential strategies for how you can utilise these findings.

The game-changing results of our investigation exposed three key finance marketing secrets:

    1. The early search catches the firm

    We discovered that 67% of HNWIs now begin their buying journey with an online search, with Google (or other search engines) remaining the go-to choice for investment and asset management-related research.

    This even surpassed online publications from the likes of The Financial Times and Forbes.

    Could this be a product of the pandemic? It’s highly likely.

    But what’s more blatant is the pivotal need for effective search ranking – especially when it comes to one particular device, we found to be the real culprit for these searches.

    So, what’s the key to visibility? We drop this bombshell in our eBook.

    2. Online advice is king

    Of the wide net we cast for our research, nearly three-quarters of the HNWIs say they now make investment decisions based solely on online advice.

    Before you panic, that’s not to say face-to-face consultations have lost their charm, but what it does mean is that you may not be shaping your marketing funnel in the most optimal manner.

    Different stages of the prospect journey require the right strategy for promoting brand visibility, and online channels are becoming more impactful than ever.

    Explore our report to learn the best ways you can tailor your marketing in light of this.

    3. Influence is the product of collaborative strategy

    Naturally, with huge surges in engagement with online content, we found that social, written, and video content showed increasing levels of influence on HNWI’s decisions.

    For example, over 75% of our survey subjects had either YouTube or Facebook as part of their research journey – with YouTube edging higher at 44%.

    But what about emerging platforms such as Reddit and TikTok? How can you ensure maximum engagement across these essential sources?

    You’d be surprised at the eye-opening significance of particular online platforms when it comes to HNWIs with varied portfolio sizes – which we discuss in our full report.

    What does this mean?

    If there’s one thing these three takeaways have highlighted, it’s that you can never take your foot off the pedal when it comes to marketing strategies for brands.

    As your target audience evolves, you must surely evolve with it.

    However, when you read our extensive eBook, you’ll find there’s much more than just one thing you can benefit from.

    In fact, you’ll discover a whole host of strategies you can implement to begin building the best marketing blueprint for finance brands across the country – and even the globe!

    Download our eBook now, and if you want to be a part of the future of financial marketing, join us at our upcoming Receptional event – Decoding the Digital Habits of High-Net-Worth-Individuals.

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